What's Currently Happening in Petkeljärvi National Park 

Petkeljärventie road is closed due to bridge renovation, and as a result, access to Petkeljärvi National Park is blocked during this time. The renovation started on November 1st and is expected to last for about a month.

Petkeljärventie bridge renovation starting on November 1st

(Updated on August 16, 2023)

The bridge will undergo fundamental renovation starting from November 1st. Petkeljärventie road will not be accessible during the renovation. The estimated duration of the refurbishment is around one month.

In National Parks and other state conservation areas, own firewood must be used in tent saunas

(Updated on July 27, 2023)

Metsähallitus Luontopalvelut (the Finnish Forest Administration's Parks & Wildlife Services) maintains fire pits in Finnish national parks and other state conservation areas, as well as fireplaces in hiking structures and huts, with firewood provided on-site. Metsähallitus reminds visitors that in tent saunas and fireplaces in personal accommodations, visitors are required to bring their own firewood. This is to ensure that there's sufficient firewood available for the use of all hikers at the designated fireplaces.

Pieni Kuikkalampi bridge has been renovated

(Updated 16th of June 2023)

Pieni Kuikkalampi bridge (retkikartta.fi) (along the route leading from Kuikan kierros Nature Trail to the Puistonvartijan maja Rental Hut) has been fully renovated. Construction works are finished and the bridge is accessable again. 

Tips for hiking in the summer season

(Updated 11th of June 2023)

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