What's Currently Happening along Karhunkierros Trail

On a break in open wilderness hut. Photo: Jari Hindström / Vastavalo.

The expansion of the parking area is now ready

(Updated 8.10.2020)


The use of a face mask is recommended

(Updated 8.10.2020)

We recommend using a face mask when visiting Oulanka Visitor Centre. The visitor centre does not provide masks so please bring your own. Keeping a safety distance is still important, also when spending time outdoors. Please read our coronavirus guidelines (nationalparks.fi) before heading to the trails. 

Changes in the parking arrangements of Oulanka Visitor Centre 30.9. - 15.10.2020

(Updated 30.9.2020)

Due to the expansion work only a half of the parking space of Oulanka Visitor Centre is in use. If the parking space runs out, please use the temporary parking areas marked on the map below. 

The map of temporary parking areas near Oulanka Visitor Centre.


No firewood at Harrisuvanto campfire site

(Updated 24.9.2020)

Currently there is no firewood at Harrisuvanto campfire site. Harrisuvanto is locates along Karhunkierros and Pieni Karhunkierros hiking trails. The location is marked with a star on the map below. 

You can make a campfire at the Pyöreälampi or Siilastupa campfire sites, where there is firewood available in the wood sheds. Please use the firewood sparingly. 

Collecting and burning any wood from the nature in the National Park area is forbidden. 

More information about making a fire (nationalparks.fi)

Map of Pieni Karhunkierros Hiking Trail



Karhunkierros Trail Weather

The latest weather forecasts and warnings for Kuusamo (ilmatieteenlaitos.fi) and Hautajärvi, Salla (ilmatieteenlaitos.fi).

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