Activities in Southern Konnevesi National Park

Choose how you would like to enjoy the clear waters and hilly landscape.


The best way to experience the national park extending to the islands in Lake Konnevesi is to take to the water. The wide open waters in the western parts of the lake are ideal for a boat journey or motorboating. Via a canal, Southern Konnevesi leads through Northern Konnevesi all the way to Lake Päijänne. Boats can be launched at boat launch sites in different parts of the lake. Avoid landing on small islands and islets during the nesting season for birds, from 15 April to 31 July. Read more about boating routes and boat transportation services.

 A calm sea, with islands at the horizon, and the tip of a boat in the foreground.


The silent maze of the Kodanovinen islands and the steep vertical cliffs lining the shores will ensure an unforgettable canoeing trip, crowned by a picnic break on one of the many landing sites on the islands of Southern Konnevesi. There are several canoeing routes maintained by the municipalities of Rautalampi and Konnevesi in the national park and its surrounding areas.



The large mainland section in Enonniemi invites hikers who enjoy a varied terrain. The Kalajan kierros Trail (4,6 km) leads you to the giant aspens and to the top of Kalajanvuori hill. The demanding Kolmen Vuoren Vaellus -hiking trail (14 km) takes you round the whole rugged terrain of Enonniemi. Loukkuvuoren Lenkki trail (2,8 km) offers hiking opportunity for boaters and paddlers who arrive from the lake Konnevesi. The trails are demanding due to large differences in altitude and rocky paths. There is an easy hiking trail between Kalaja parking area and Vuori-Kalaja shelter (1 km one way). At Vuori-Kalaja there is also an accessible trail (300 m, assistance needed). Read more about the trails.

A hiker sitting on the top of a mountain, observing the forest and lake landscape.

Other activities

  • Skiing: Explore the national park in winter and ski on the lake ice. Remember to watch out for places where the water flows strongly – this means that the ice is thin. There are no managed skiing trails in the park and the steep terrain makes the mainland section unsuitable for cross-country skiing.
  • Fishing:
  • Birdwatching: Southern Konnevesi is the domain of the osprey. The melancholy calls of the black-throated diver can be heard on the lake on summer evenings.
  • Snowshoeing: Snowshoes are excellent for negotiating deep snow in mid-winter. The trail bases are not maintained in wintertime, but they are suitable for snowshoeing on your own or with a guide.
  • Pick berries and mushrooms: Pick and enjoy delicious wild berries and mushrooms in late summer and early autumn. Picking berries and mushrooms is permitted under everyman's rights.
  • Sights and scenery: Climb the Kalajanvuori hill and admire the views over the national park towards the southern Lake Konnevesi to the west, and Lake Hankavesi to the east. Paddle across to greet the ancient mountain spirit known as 'Käpynän ukko' (Old Man Käpynä), whose pleasant smile never leaves his lips as he watches boats glide by.
  • Mountain biking: Due to the steep terrain most of the hiking trails are not suitable for cycling. The roads and easy trail from Kalaja parking area to Vuori-Kalaja campfire shelter are recommended for cyclists. In Southern Konnevesi national park cycling is allowed only on the roads and clearly visible tracks. Please pay attention to other hikers.
  • Tour skating: Flit over the pristine clear ice on skates and take a break at the campfire shelter in Lapinsalo island or at Enonranta. Remember watch out for places where the water flows fast and the ice is therefore thin, particularly by the Konnekoski and Siikakoski rapids.  
  • Diving and snorkeling: Catch a glimpse of the aquatic domain of the wild lake trout. In the clear waters of Lake Konnevesi and Vuori-Kalaja pond, visibility extends to an incredible 4-6 metres in depth. There are no actual services for divers, but the destination is ideal for enthusiasts on independent diving excursions.
  • Swimming: Top off a summer's day by taking a dip in the clear water. Swimming is permitted under everyman's rights in the ponds and lakes in the area. There is a nice sandy beach in Pyysalo island. Please notice, that there are no official swimming beaches inside the park.
  • Horse riding: Nearby Southern Konnevesi National Park there are versatile opportunities for horse riding.