The National Park is situated in the outer archipelago, in the southern part of the Southwestern Archipelago. The National Park can only be reached by sea.

To the Hiking Trails

The islands of the national park are accessible by ferry, taxi boat, own boat, or by kayak. Starting points for the hiking trails.

By bus to ferry harbours

There are bus connections from Turku and Helsinki to the ferry harbours of Pärnäinen and Kasnäs and to the ferry harbour of Högsåra. You can search for connections from the Matkahuolto Connection Search (

Ferry to the Archipelago Sea

There is a free ferry service to the inhabited islands of the Archipelago Sea. Some of these islands are also in the national park area.
Pärnäinen–Berghamn (Saaristotie 5735, Pargas) Nagu Ferry ( Travel must be booked in advance.
Kirjainen–Berghamn (Saaristotie 29, Pargas) Nagu Ferry ( Travel must be booked in advance.
Pärnäinen–Berghamn–Jurmo (Saaristotie 5735, Pargas)on m/s Baldur ( The ferry is operated once a day. Return traffic Mon–Wed. On weekends, the vessel will also stop in Berghamn, if necessary.
Svartnäs–Högsåra (Svartnäs Södersundet, Kemiönsaari). Ferry (, in swedish) operates 8 to 10 times daily. Because the roads in Högsåra are narrow and there are limited parking areas, we recommend leaving the car in Svartnäs. 
Kasnäs–Holma (Kasnäsintie 1296, Kemiönsaari) m/s Stella (, in swedish). Operates on weekday mornings and afternoons.

A ferry is located at a jetty. The bow oh the boat is open for loading and unloading. In the background islands and water.


By boat to the Archipelago Sea

Excursions to the Archipelago Sea National Park are best taken by boat or canoe. There are routes running from Åland, Turku, and Hanko. See the coordinates for visiting sites and natural harbours in the Archipelago Sea National Park.
On request, our partners organise boat transports and cruises to the National Park. Motorboats, sailboats and kayaks are also available for rent. Suitable starting places for kayaks can be found, for example, in Kasnäs in Kemiönsaari, or in Korpoström in Pargas. A few islands in the national park, such as Örö (, have paid ferry services in summer. 

By car to the Archipelago Sea

The ferry harbours are accessible by car. Harbours usually have free state-owned parking areas as well as paid, private parking spots. 

Bicycle to the Archipelago Sea

Bicycles can be transported on the ferries. Usually a few bicycles can also fit in taxi boats. However, please make sure when booking. The coastal route ( passes through partially through the archipelago.