Starting Points and Parking Areas for the Biking Trails

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Oulanka National Park Map © Parks and Wildlife Finland

Summer Biking Trail

Biking Trail Oulanka Visitor Centre ‒ Taivalköngäs, 9 km / Direction

Available when the ground is unfrozen.
Estimated travel time 3‒5 hours.
Category: Demanding trail demanding

Some sections of the only biking trail in Oulanka run along easy pine heaths. However, the biking trail is technically demanding in places. There are three hanging bridges and an open wilderness hut in the Taivalköngäs area.

Starting Point

Oulanka Visitor Centre (Liikasenvaarantie 132, 93900 Kuusamo).

Hiking Structures

Services provided by the Oulanka Visitor Centre and the Oulanka National Park Camping Ground, a waste recycling point at the camping ground, the Runsulampi campfire site, a bridge, the hanging bridges at Taivalköngäs and the Taivalköngäs Open Wilderness Hut. There are woodsheds and dry toilets at the rest spots. Take toilet paper with you.


Taivalköngäs Rapids, the River Oulankajoki, the Karhunkierros Trail.

Trail Description

Trail markings: orange paint signs

The trail is part of the Karhunkierros Trail and the Rytikönkään reissu Trail. This is a technically demanding, one-way trail. The open wilderness hut is located by the end of the Taivalköngäs Rapids. After a short hike onto the riverbank, beautiful views open out towards the river valley.


Winter Biking Trail

Oulanka Wilderness Trail, 26 km / Direction

Available from mid-February to April.
Estimated travel time 1‒2 days.
Category: Demanding trail demanding

Go exploring Oulanka's winter wilderness by snowshoes, skis or by fatbike ‒ on the Oulanka Wilderness Trail, you may see a fox running on the river ice or a boreal owl that is on the lookout on a spruce crown.

A fat bike on a snowy wilderness trail in the forest.

Starting Point

Oulanka Visitor Centre (Liikasenvaarantie 132, 93900 Kuusamo) or Juuma.   

Hiking Structures

The Ansakämppä and Jussinkämppä Open Wilderness Huts, campfire sites. Take toilet paper with you.


Kiutaköngäs Rapids, Oulanka's most peaceful wilderness parts.

Trail Description

Trail markings: yellow‒orange ribbons

Recommended direction: not defined

You can go on a day-trip trail or stay overnight on the Oulanka Wilderness Trail, where you can explore the forest in late winter. The trail runs from the Kiutaköngäs Rapids to the Jussinkämppä Open Wilderness Hut, following the Karhunkierros Trail, and then it branches off, by Jussinkämppä, towards Juuma. The trail is levelled once a week by snowmobile. No skiing track. Due to the altitude differences and the narrowness of the trail, this is a challenging trail. The trail is maintained in April till the end of the crusty snow period.