What can one do in Luiro Mires?

Walk on Marked Trails

  • The Sokanaapa Nature Trail, which is accessible, is the only actual trail in the area. There are Finnish-language information boards along the trail. The duckboards on the trail are in bad condition and no longer accessible.

A person walking on broad duckboards at an autumn colour mire towards a pine forest.

Go Canoeing

Go Canoe Trekking

  • Canoe excursions lasting several days can be executed along the River Luirojoki. The canoe route stretching from Lokka all the way to Pelkosenniemi is 144 km long in its entirety. The canoe route is suited for independent trekkers, who wish to enjoy the solitude of the wilderness and camp in a tent. A description of the canoe route and maps can be found on the Savukoski tourist information website (korvatunturi.fi).

Moor-kings growing by the river, in the background lush river banks and forest.

Go Bird Watching

  • The Luiro Mires are a bird watchers paradise. A 600 metre long trail, which is covered by duckboards, leads from Savukoskentie road to the Sokanaapa bird watching tower. The tower is also accessible by wheelchair or with a baby pram. The best time for bird watchers to visit the area are spring and early summer. The bright translucent light during autumn changes the character of the mires, and a hike in the chilled autumn air through brightly coloured aapa bogs is an unforgettable experience. There is also a bird watching tower on the edge of Kairanaapa bog, which can be reached by following signposts from Luiro Village. The gate on the road after Luiro Village may be closed due to rasputitsa, in that case you need to walk approx. 4 kilometers to the tower.

Walk on Nature Trail

  • The Sokanaapa Nature Trail, which is accessible, is the only actual trail in the area. There are Finnish-language information boards along the trail, which feature mire nature. Be careful as the duckboards of the trail are in bad condition.

Ski Cross-country off Trails

  • There are no maintained ski trails in the area, but skiing off-trails in the wintry mires is a memorable experience.

Go Fishing

Go Hunting

  • Local residents are permitted to hunt freely in their home municipality in accordance to the 8 §: of Finland's Hunting Act.
  • Metsähallitus sells small game hunting permits for state-owned lands for the areas of Vintilä (permit-area 3609) and Läntinen Pelkosenniemi (permit-area 3614). Permits can be bought from Metsähallitus netstore (eräluvat.fi).  
  • Bear hunting is permitted in the reindeer husbandry area according to set quotas. Non-locals can purchase a personal bear hunting permit for the Metsähallitus owned area. Permits can be bought from Metsähallitus netstore (eräluvat.fi).  
  • In regard to moose hunting the state-owned lands can be used as hunting grounds.
  • Read more about hunting (eraluvat.fi).

Go Berry and Mushroom Picking

  • Berry and mushroom picking are both permitted in the area with no restrictions. Berry pickers are most likely to find mire berries, such as cloudberries and cranberries.

 A close-up on bog bilberry twigs in autumn colors, one can see also duckboards in the background.