Activities in Malla Strict Nature Reserve

A woman,carrying a backpack, walks on a sandy wide path in an open mountain landscape. In the background there are fells with snow patches. There are few clouds in the sky.

What can one do in Malla Strict Nature Reserve?

Walk on Marked Trails

During the snow-free season, walking in Malla Strict Nature Reserve is only allowed on the marked trail. The trail meanders through the fell landscape of slopes, mires and heaths. It also crosses several brooks and a stony area. It is a suitable day trip route for hikers in average condition. Camping and mountain biking are not allowed. From Malla, it is possible to continue hiking to the Three Nations' Border Point and onwards to the large fells in Sweden and Norway.

Go Bird Watching

Birdlife in the Malla and Kilpisjärvi area is arctic and unique. In summertime, you can walk in the Mountain Birch forests and admire Bluethroats, Bramblings and even Ring Ouzels (Turdus torquatus), and up in the bare fells you may see Long-tailed Skuas, Eurasian Dotterels and European Golden Plovers (Pluvialis apricaria). In the winter, a hiker may well spot a Ptarmigan and delight in the Willow Grouse's courtship display in the springtime birch forest. With a pair of binoculars directed at Lake Kilpisjärvi, you may catch a glimpse of arctic waterfowl like Long-tailed Ducks (Clangula hyemalis) and Velvet Scoters (Melanitta fusca).

See the Sights and Scenery

A lake landscape opens up behind the Three Nations' Border Point. There are fells in the background.

One of the attractions in Malla Strict Nature Reserve is Pikku-Malla Fell, with a hiking trail all the way to the top. From the top you will have a beautiful view over Lake Kilpisjärvi. The trail also passes the Kitsiputous Falls and the Three Nations' Border Point. More information on sights.

Ski Cross-country on Maintained Trails or off Trails

During the snow season you may go cross-country skiing anywhere in the area. From March to April there is a maintained skiing trail through the reserve to Koltalahti. Elsewhere in the fells, skiers have to make their own tracks.

See the Visitor Centre at Kilpisjärvi village

Kilpisjärvi Visitor Centre provides the last-minute tips for your trip to the Malla area. There you may also buy maps for your hikes extending to Norway and Sweden, and some presents to take back home with you. "At the Edge of Scandinavia", the permanent exhibition at the visitor centre, depicts the nature, geology, animals and people of the Kilpisjärvi region.