Lauha Hut, Rental Hut

Rental hut, 2 + 4 persons / 15 m2 + 18 m2, 1 room + 1 room for summer use


Reservations from Lauhatuotanto Oy (

The hut (2 persons) can be reserved from 1 April-31 October. The horse stable (4 persons) is only available for summer use. Terms of reservation for the Lauha rental hut. See where to pick up the keys.

Lauha Rental Hut is located in the Kauhajoki area in Lauhanvuori National Park.


  • Western Finland, South Ostrobothnia, Kauhajoki, Lauhanvuori National Park
  • Lauha Rental Hut, coordinates for the hut: Euref-Fin (~ WGS84) lat: 62° 9.296' lon: 22° 11.710'  ETRS-TM35FIN: N: 6901225 E: 248782
  • The address of Lauha Rental Hut: Metsänvartijantie 74, 61960 Kauhajoki.


By Car

  • From road 44 (Sastamala-Kauhajoki), turn west onto Lauhavuorentie (road 17019) at the village of Muurahainen. Drive along Lauhavuorentie for about 3.6 km and then turn north onto a small road called Selkätie. Drive for about 1 km until you come to an intersection and then turn left onto Metsänvartijantie. The road has a barrier for which renters will receive a key. After the barrier, drive about 700 m until you reach the hut. The barrier must always be locked.

By Public Transportation

  • Bus routes and schedules are challenging for people trying to reach Lauha Rental Hut. The nearest bus stop is at Muurahainen (in Kauhajoki).



  • When picking up the key, customers must present a receipt to show payment of the rent. The key must be returned to the same place where it was picked up. Keys are not sent by mail.
  • You can pick up the keys from Lauhansarvi ( in finnish), Lauhanvuorentie 490, 64900 ISOJOKI or from Hotelli Ravintola Honkahovi (, in Finnish) in Honkajoki (Pohjanmaantie 99, 38950 Honkajoki). 


  • There is a sauna, lean-to shelter, campfire site, firewood shed, dry toilet and a well at Lauha Rental Hut. Lauha Hut is equipped with a stove, utensils, dishes, candles, bunks for two people, mattresses, pillows and blankets. The horse stable has bunks, mattresses, pillows and blankets for four people, but there is no heating.
  • The hut has no waste containers, so all users must carry their waste out when they leave. Read more about litter-free hiking.


  • There is a barrier on the road leading to the hut and it must always be kept locked.
  • It is allowed to bring pets in the hut.
  • There are no accessible services in the hut.
  • The hut has no electricity.
  • Everyman’s rights apply to the dry toilet located in the yard and the lean-to shelter and firewood shed near the parking place.
  • Safety 

Maintenance and Management

  • Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland, Lakeland. For more information, contact the Metsähallitus Customer Service: sisasuomi(at), tel. +358 (0)206 39 5270.

There's a bed under the window in the hut.

There are four beds on every wall in the hut.

Terms of reservation

Read the terms of reservation.

Guidelines on using Rental Huts

Read Guidelines on using Rental Huts.

Outdoor Etiquette

A cartoon picture of a family walking on a summer path.

1. Respect nature.

2. Mainly use marked trails.

3. Camp only where it is allowed.

4. Light your campfire only where it is allowed.

5. Do not litter.

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