Mäkränmaja, Rental Hut

Rental Hut, 3 persons / 20 m², 1 room


The reservations from our webshop (verkkokauppa.eraluvat.fi)Terms of reservation for the rental hut. Available for rent all year round.

Mäkrän maja rental hut is situated at the foot of Mäkrävaara Hill. The hut is a 300 m walk from the nearest road.


  • Eastern Finland, North Karelia Region, Municipality of Lieksa, Koli National Park 
  • Mäkränmaja, coordinates: Euref-Fin (~ WGS84) lat: 63° 04.6656' lon: 29° 50.7952' ETRS-TM35FIN: N: 6997438 E: 643768
  • Rantatie 53, 83960 Koli


It is possible to hike to Mäkränmaja hut. The distance from Ukko-Koli to Mäkränmaja is approximately 5 kilometres.

Driving Instructions

From Koli Nature Centre Ukko, drive downwards along Ylä-Kolintie Road for 2 km and turn right towards the Koli village. Distance from the nature center to the Koli village is altogether 3,6 km. When you reach the village, turn right onto Merilänrannantie towards Loma-Koli and drive for roughly 1 km, then turn right onto Rantatie road and continue for another 1 km until you reach the harbor. From harbor continue driving Rantatie about 6.3 km until you reach Pieni Mäkräntie road. Take this road and then turn right at the first crossing. You can continue driving for about 1,4km to the next crossing via a smaller, rocky road. In the summertime cars can be parked near the last crossing, about 300 metres away from the hut. When parking, be careful not to block the route.

In the winter,
drive from Koli Nature Centre Ukko downhill via Ylä-Kolintie ca. 2 km. The road curves right, towards Koli village. The distance from Koli Nature Centre to Koli village is ca. 3,6 km. From Koli village turn right and drive via Merilänrannantie towards Loma-Koli ca. 1 km and turn right to Rantatie, towards Koli harbour (Kolin satama). Please note, that good studded tyres are required when driving on Rantatie at winter. Continue to the harbour for about 1 km, and drive straight from the harbour via Rantatie for 4 km. From about here you can see a small plowed space for a car on the right side of the road, a metallic singpost number 27 and a forest path starting to rise uphill. You can park your car to the small area plowed here. Please, do not block the Rantatie road when parking. There is about a 1 km hike via non-winter maintained forest path uphill.



Mäkränmaja rental hut was renovated in summer 2021 and the hut fits 3 persons.

Prize group A
 (1.1.-12.6. and 29.8.-31.12.)
1st day 42 €
2nd–7th day 34 €
Prize group B (13.6.-28.8.)
1st day 50 €
2nd–7th day 40 €

Prize group A (1.1.-9.6. and 26.8.-31.12.)
1st day 42 €
2nd–7th day 34 € 
Prize group B (10.6. - 25.8.)
1st day 50 €
2nd–7th day 40 € 

Rental time 14:00–12:00.
No reservations longer than one week at a time.


Keys to the rental hut are placed in the key box next to the door of the hut. The key box opens with a 4-digit key combination. Before the reservation, the key combination and other important information about the hut is sent to the e-mail address provided when making the booking (please also check the files attached and your spam folder). Keep the information with you until the end of the reservation. If you have not gotten the key combination at least two weekdays before the beginning of your reservation, please contact Koli Nature Centre Ukko.
When you arrive at the hut, enter the code in the box by rotating the numbers in the key box. Take the key from the box, unlock the hut, and put the key back in the box. Roll the numbers back to zero again. Always keep the keys inside the key box, so they won’t get lost or locked inside the hut. At the end of the reservation, leave the keys in the same box.


  • Visitors must bring their own domestic and drinking water with them. You can get water e.g. from Koli Nature Centre Ukko.
  • Bed spots for 3 in bunk beds + mattresses and pillows, but no linen.
  • Wood oven, open stove, pots and frying pan
  • Solar panel powered lights and charging facility (USB socket)
  • Separate non-composting toilet. For the biowaste there is a composter.
  • Dishwashing liquid, spices, fire-making equipment and toilet paper are not included.


  • Please check Koli National Park's What's New before arrival
  • Please leave no litter or other traces of your visit.
  • There are no accessible services in the hut.
  • Pets are permitted in the hut.
  • Camping in the yard is prohibited.
  • There is no campfire site on the hut's yard.
  • Especially in the winter it takes some time before the hut is properly warm.
  • To ensure an undisturbed night's sleep, it is recommended to bring a mosquito net that fits over a sleeping bag.
  • Safety on hiking

Maintenance and Management

General customer service, customer feedback and maintenance: 
Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland,  
Koli Nature Centre Ukko, tel. int. +358 40 7732442.
Booking, payments, and cancellations: 
Eräluvat.fi Customer Service (verkkokauppa.eraluvat.fi) 

Booking information

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Terms of reservation

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Guidelines on using Rental Huts

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Outdoor Etiquette

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1. Respect nature.

2. Mainly use marked trails.

3. Camp only where it is allowed.

4. Light your campfire only where it is allowed.

5. Do not litter.

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