Kuukkeli Rental Hut

Exceptionally, bookings for the reservation and rental huts maintained by National Parks Finland for the year 2025 can only be made starting from the beginning of November 2024. More information

Rental hut, Kuukkeli room 1: 5 persons/18 m²  and Kuukkeli room 2: 7 persons/18 m², rented separately.


The hut can be booked at the Eräluvat web store (verkkokauppa.eraluvat.fi).

You can also make the booking by contacting Pyhä-Luosto Visitor Centre Naava, tel. int. +358 206 39 7302 or pyhaluosto(at)metsa.fi. 

Terms of reservation for the Kuukkeli rental hut.

Location and Description

  • Eastern Lapland, Municipality of Pelkosenniemi, Pyhä-Luosto National Park.
  • Kuukkeli rental hut, coordinates: Euref-Fin (~ WGS84) lat: 67° 05.6023' lon: 26° 59.7645' ETRS-TM35FIN: N: 7441788 E: 499829
  • The rental hut is located in Pyhä-Luosto National Park by the River Pyhäjoki, along the Rykimäkuru Trail (marked with red).
  • In the winter (week 8 onwards), there is a cross country ski track past the hut. The shortest track access is from Kopara (Moitaselkä direction) or from Rykimäkero parking area counterclockwise via Lampivaara and Pyhälampi.
  • Map of Pyhä-Luosto National Park.


  • Pyhä Luosto tunturikartta, Pyhä-Luosto Fell Map, 1:25 000, Calazo 2018
  • Pyhä-Luosto ulkoilukartta, Pyhä-Luosto outdoor map, 1:50 000, Karttakeskus 2020
  • Excursionmap.fi


75 €/ night / room or entire hut 150 €/ night (incl. VAT 10%).

Maximum length of reservation is 3 nights. Rental time is 2 pm - 12 noon.


The key is at the hut near the entrance, inside a locked box that opens with a code.

  • After making a reservation, you will receive a confirmation email with an attached file with the key code and instructions. If you have made your reservation before 6.6.2024, you will be sent the key code and instructions via a separate email. If you haven't received the email, contact the Visitor Centre Naava.
  • The hut can only be used during the reserved time. The order must be paid for, keep the proof of payment with you at the hut.


  • For heating: wood stove. Please note that it takes some time before the hut is properly warm. 
  • For cooking: gas cooker and necessary cooking utensils (a pot, a frying pan, a coffee pot). Bring your own utensils and tableware.  
  • For sleeping: there are mattresses at the hut and new pillows and blankets were brought to the hut's both rooms in March 2018. Bring your own linen or sleeping bag.
  • For bathing: a wood heated sauna is in the hut building and free for hut guests to use. The sauna key can be found inside the main hut, always return it to its place after use. Please note that it takes some time before the sauna is properly warm. Remember to empty all the water containers and buckets before you leave. This is important especially in winter time as they will break if water freezes in them.
  • Water: drinking water is taken from the River Pyhäjoki (boil before use) and it can be used in the sauna as well. In the woodshed you find tools to break the ice in the winter.
  • Other facilities: a dry toilet (bring your own toilet paper), a wood shed and a campfire site at the yard.


  • Pets are not permitted in the hut. 
  • The hut does not offer barrier-free access.
  • Make sure you pack a first-aid kit.
  • Remember to pack a torch. We recommend a head torch which leaves your hands free for hut duties. Candles must be supervised at all times.
  • Kindly check the fire alarm upon arrival to the hut. We recommend that you bring a battery with you.
  • Tidy up the hut after you and leave some firewood and kindling for the next guests.
  • If you notice that anything requires maintenance, kindly let us know so that we can react to the needs as quickly as possible.
  • Safety on hiking

Directions and Public Transportation

The closest parking area is the Rykimäkero parking area, which is located 3,4 km north of the rental hut. The parking area is situated by Pyhä-Luosto Road (no. 962) 20 km north of Pyhä in the direction of Luosto.

This parking area is the starting point for a summer trail (Rykimäkuru Trail marked with red squares on trees) and a cross country skiing track (week 8 onwards) towards Kuukkeli rental hut. Note that in winter there is no walking trail to the hut.

In summer there is a small, rather un-noticeable, parking place at Luostontie Road about 1,5 km walking distance from the hut, the trail is not marked but it is quite easy to find. This parking place has no winter maintenance!

From Rovaniemi and Pyhätunturi there is a bus connection (matkahuolto.fi) to Luosto, the nearest bus stop is in Luosto resort, from where it is about 11 km to walk or ski to the rental hut. You can also ask the bus driver to drop you off at Rykimäkero parking area, about 4 km from the hut.

Waste management

There are no trash bins. Each visitor is responsible for taking their own waste from the hut. Read more about Hiking Without Littering.

Maintenance and Management

Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland. For more information contact Pyhä-Luosto Visitor Centre Naava, tel. int. +358 206 39 7302.

Terms of reservation

Read the terms of reservation.

Guidelines on using Rental Huts

Read Guidelines on using Rental Huts.

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Outdoor Etiquette

A cartoon picture of a family walking on a summer path.

1. Respect nature.

2. Mainly use marked trails.

3. Camp only where it is allowed.

4. Light your campfire only where it is allowed.

5. Do not litter.

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