Ritakoski Rental Hut

A rental hut for self-sufficient hikers in a wilderness area without marked trails. Built in the early 1900s, this large log gold prospector’s hut - Ritakosken Kultala - is located on the north bank of the River Ivalojoki, approximately 3 km downstream from the mouth of the River Sotajoki. When the river level is low, it can be forded at the top of the rapids by wading. There is a 6-person open wilderness hut in the same building. Outdoor dry toilet, wood shed, storehouse, campfire site and locked maintenance hut.


Northern Lapland Region, Municipality of Inari (inari.fi), Hammastunturi Wilderness Area.

Ritakoski, coordinates: Euref-Fin (~ WGS84) lat: 68° 30.2459' lon: 26° 55.7083'  ETRS-TM35FIN: N: 7599070 E: 497074.

The rental hut is situated on the north bank of the River Ivalojoki about 3 km east of the River Sotajoki's mouth.


40 Euros / day (incl. VAT 10%). The reservation period begins at 2 p.m. on the day of your arrival and ends at 12 noon on the day of your departure.

The hut is reservable from March to October.


  • A wood-burning stove and a gas stove.
  • Mattresses, blankets and pillows.
  • An outdoor toilet, no sauna.
  • Visitors can get water from the River Ivalojoki.
  • There are waste bins at the wilderness hut, but we ask hikers to bring their own litter out of the area. Read more about Hiking Without Littering.


You can pick up the keys at the following places

Ivalo Customer Service
the key drop box in Saariselkä
the key drop box in Kiilopää 
Taxi Vuotso / JJR Pehkonen Oy, tel. 044-243 2449, 044 2422967 (call in advance).

The customer must have payment receipt and hut reservation confirmation with in so that one can prove the reservation and its payment.

Please check the opening hours of the place where you intend to collect the key in advance. Outside opening hours, the key can be collected from the key box at all key collection points by appointment. If you intend to collect the key after opening hours, contact the key collection point 3-5 weekdays before the key collection date.

When collecting the key from Saariselka or Kiilopää, you get instructions for collecting the key from Urho Kekkonen National Park Customer Service. Contact customer service 3-5 weekdays before you collect the key (ukpuisto@metsa.fi, 020 6397200).

The key can be returned to any of the locations mentioned.

Maps and Description

Hammastunturi - Etelä-Inari outdoor map 1:100 000.
Terrain map V443 1:50 000.

From Saariselkä take road E-75 and drive south along it for 10 km or alternatively drive 2 km north from Kakslauttanen. Then turn onto Kutturantie Road. Follow Kutturantie Road for 17 km and then turn onto Pahaojantie Road, continuing along it for 10 km at which point you will reach Pahaoja parking area. Pahanojantie Road is not cleared of snow during winter.

The wilderness hut can not be reached by public transport. The closest coach stop is on road E-75 at the intersection for Kutturantie Road. From there it is a 27 km hike to Pahaoja parking area.


  • Pets are not allowed in the hut.
  • During the coldest part of winter the hut does not get fully warm as it has no heat insulation.
  • There is an open wilderness hut in the same building. Hikers can cross the Ritakoski Rapids when the water level is low by cautiously wading across.
  • From Kultala it is about an 11 km hike to Ritakoski along the northern bank of the River Ivalojoki. A marked summer hiking trail leads from Pahaoja parking area to Kultala. The rental hut can also be reached by canoe.
  • It is possible to stay for a maximum of 7 nights in a row in the hut.
  • Safety on hiking.

Maintenance and Management

Metsähallitus, Natural Heritage Services Lapland. For more information contact Urho Kekkonen National Park Customer Service Kiehinen, tel. int. +358 206 39 7200 or Ivalo Customer Service tel. int. +358 206 39 7701.

Booking information

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Guidelines on using Rental Huts

Read Guidelines on using Rental Huts.