Vaarasali Auditorium

Check regional Covid-instructions before your hiking trip or a visit to a nature center.

Liminganlahti Nature Centre is closed 1.1.-4.2.2022. The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia is closed 10.1.–1.2.2022. Koli Nature Centre Ukko is closed 1.1.–26.1.2022. Kuusamo Customer Service Karhuntassu is closed 13.1.–31.1.2022.

In other nature centers in Finland, we require the use of a facial mask and keeping the 2 meter distance to other visitors. In addition, there may be requirements to show the Covid pass, and/or the number of visitors can be limited. More information Nature centers. The length of the restrictions depends on the region. More regional information can be found at the Finnish institute for health and welfare website.

Vaarasali is a top-quality conference space for 200 people located in the national landscape of Koli at Koli Nature Centre Ukko. The space is suited, for example, for meetings, conferences and concerts.

Vaarasali at Nature Centre Ukko. The ceiling lights are on and the door is open.



Price and Reservations


60 €/h during opening hours. 

Other Prices

Exhibitions and short film 5 €/person (group ticket 4 €/pers. min. 10 pers.).

You can reserve the auditorium by contacting Koli Nature Centre Ukko, Tel. +358 206 39 5654 or ukko(at)


  • Video projector
  • DVD player
  • Wireless and panel microphones
  • Computer
  • CD player, radio
  • Silver screen, 6 x 5m
  • WLAN
  • Flipchart
  • Readiness for a simultaneous interpreter's station, 2 interpreted languages and an infrared technology -based wireless transmission of interpreted languages from the interpreters to the auditorium
  • Lighting for performances

Other Services

  • Copying services
  • WLAN
  • Hostess/host services
  • Conference catering: organic coffee, traditional pastries, herbal teas
  • Exhibitions and short film
  • Wheelchair access, induction loop

Programmes in the Auditorium

Audiovisual presentations in the auditorium on the hour when the space is not in conference use.

  • Mustarinta - A Film About Koli, 15 min / 8 min.
  • Kolin neljä vuodenaikaa, 23 min. 
    • A film about the four seasons of Koli
    • Audio: Finnish, subtitles: English
  • Työn ja eläinten maisema, 15 min.
    • A film about meadows and pastures
    • Subtitles: English and Swedish