Hossa National Park is located between the Highway 5, E63 and Suomussalmi–Murtovaara (no. 843) roads in the northern part of Suomussalmi, partly in the municipalities of Kuusamo and Taivalkoski. The nearest airport is located in Kuusamo and the nearest railway station in Kajaani.

Distance to Kuusamo 76 km, Suomussalmi 100 km, Kajaani 206 km ja Oulu 240 km.

To the Hiking Trails

The hiking trails can be accessed from the following parking areas: the Hossa Visitor Centre, Huosivirta, Hossalaislammit, Lihapyörre, Julma-Ölkky or Aittojoki.

Starting points for hiking trails, starting points for biking trails and starting points for canoe routes.

By Coach to Hossa

Hossa  is reached by coach in summer and autumn. In winter, you can take a bus to Peranka and Juntusranta.

On Kajaanintie/Viitostie (Highway 5, E63), between Kajaani and Kuusamo, there are coaches that go to Peranka. From Peranka, there is a connecting trail to the national park’s western end to the Kukkuri open wilderness hut (9.5 km) and the Hossa Visitor Centre (38 km).

On school days, coach Suomussalmi-Näätävaara-Juntusranta operates between Suomussalmi and Juntusranta. From Juntusranta, there is 34 km to Hossa.

The summer 2023 bus timetables 

In Summer 2023 coaches Kajaani-Kuusamo go via Hossa from 5th June to 1st October. 
•    Mon-Fri 7.45 Kuusamo Ervastin aukio - 08.45 Hossa Visitor Centre - 8.50 Hossan Lomakeskus - 10.20 Suomussalmi coach station - 12.00 Kajaani travel center

•    Mon-Fri 14.40 Kajaani travel center - 16.20 Suomussalmi coach station - 17.50 Hossan lomakeskus - 17.55 Hossa Visitor Centre - 19.00 Kuusamo Ervastin aukio

•    Sun 10.00 Kuusamo Ervastin aukio - 11.00 Hossa Visitor Centre - 11.05 Hossan Lomakeskus - 12.35 Suomussalmi coach station - 14.20 Kajaani travel center

•    Sun 15.15 Kajaani travel center - 17.00 Suomussalmi coach station - 18.25 Hossan lomakeskus - 18.30 Hossa Visitor Centre - 19.35 Kuusamo Ervastin aukio

•    Please, check the latest timetables from the Matkahuolto websites or Google Maps.

Matkahuolto (matkahuolto.fi) has a telephone service that helps with coach timetables and fares on 0200 4000.

By Train to Kajaani and Hossa

If travelling by train (vr.fi), the closest railway station is in Kajaani, 170 km from Hossa National Park. Connections by coach from Kajaani to Hossa.

By Car to Hossa

Hossa Visitor Centre, Jatkonsalmentie 6, Suomussalmi. More parking space is available on the other side of Jatkonsalmentie. Space for about 40 cars in total and for about 20 cars in winter.

Huosivirta parking area, Jatkonsalmentie 33, Suomussalmi. Space for 10 cars, no winter maintenance.

Hossalaislammet parking area, Pistonlehdontie 225, Suomussalmi. Space for 25 cars for most of the year, but only 10 cars in winter. Please note that not all GPS navigators recognise the address but direct you close to Highway 5. You should access the parking area via Jatkonsalmentie.

Lihapyörre parking area, at the end of the road turning north from Pistonlehdontie. Space in two parking areas for a total of 20 cars. In winter, the upper parking area, i.e., the starting point for the wilderness trail, has space for 8 cars.

Julma-Ölkky parking area, Julma-Ölkyntie 86, Kuusamo. Space for 80 cars. No winter maintenance.

Aittojoki parking area, along the road turning from Pistonlehdontie to Kokalmus. Space for 3 cars. No winter maintenance.