Activities in Leivonmäki National Park

Koskikaran kierros -nature trail and Rutalahti connecting trail are closed due to the ice that has covered the bridge on Rutajoki river.

Leivonmäki National Park is a great destination for families looking for a fun day out. Pack a picnic and explore the park's lakes, eskers and wetland areas along easily accessible trails and safe duckboard routes.

Parts of the park are closed to the public during certain times of the year. Please respect the signs!

Nature Trails

The park's nature trails are the best way to get to know the area. Koskikaran Kierros Trail (3.5 km) introduces visitors to the area's rich flora and fauna, and Luupään Lenkki Trail (2.2 km) explains the area's geology and the effects of the Ice Age. Signposts along the trails offer information about landforms such as kettles, eskers and glacial erratics and the park's signature species, the nightjar. The geological Luupään Lenkki Trail includes exercises for school children and a teacher's textbook. Read more

The section of Luupään Lenkki Trail from Lake Harjujärvi to Turasenlammi pond (700 m) is also suitable for baby buggies and wheelchairs. There is also an accessible cooking shelter on the shores of Lake Harjujärvi.

A hiker on a trail in a sunny pine forest.

Walk on Marked Trails

There are a total of approximately 28 kilometres of marked trails in the park. All the trails are clearly signposted, and the terrain is not very demanding. There are three circular trails as well as other routes (1.5–11 km) that run along the park's eskers and through wetland areas and woods.

There are campfire sites on the shores of Lake Rutajärvi in Lintuniemi and Joutsniemi. There is also a lean-to shelter for overnight stays by Soimalampi pond, or you can bring your own tent and stay at the camping sites of Harjujärvi or Lintuniemi.

A lean-to shelter and a campfire site in a summer forest. There are hikers by the lean-to shelter.

Pick Berries and Mushrooms

The park has several species of edible mushrooms and wild berries. Berry and mushroom picking is allowed throughout the park with the exception of the restricted areas of Haapasuo wetland during the bird breeding season from 15 April to 15 July.

Three children collecting mushrooms in the forest.

Other Activities

  • Geocaching: Go hunting for geocaches and nature's own treasures!
  • Skiing: There is a ski trail (10,3 / 6,8 / 3,7 km) suitable for classic cross-country skiing in the park, which is maintained by Joutsa local authority and the park's own volunteer organisation. There are no restrictions on skiing in the park.
  • Fishing:
  • Birdwatching: Haapasuonharju esker is one of the most important breeding grounds for nightjars in Central Finland. There is a birdwatching tower along Kirveslammin Kierros Trail, which is a great spot for observing the many species of birds found in Haapasuo wetland.

A hiker looking through his binoculars from a birdwatching tower. In the background, a summery bog opens up and a duckboard trail.

  • Snowshoeing: Snowshoeing is a fun way to explore the park in the winter. Snowshoes can be hired at the park.
  • Canoeing and Rowing: Lake Rutajärvi is great for canoeing and rowing. The best places to set off are Harjunlahti and Haapalahti. There is lean-to shelter on the island of Niinisaari for overnight stays. It is not possible to canoe in Rutajoki River, because it has been cleared and dams have been built in it.
  • Sights and Scenery: There is a birdwatching tower along Kirveslammin Kierros Trail (1.7 km), which gives you a bird's eye view across Haapasuo wetland. Joutsniemi esker offers breathtaking views of Lake Rutajärvi. Haapasuonharju esker also has beautiful scenery.
  • Learn in Nature: The park is a great destination for educational day trips and overnight excursions for school groups. All the trails are clearly signposted, and there are campfire sites as well as a lean-to shelter and a camping area along the way. The geological Luupään Lenkki Trail (2.2 km) includes exercises designed for school children.
  • Mountain biking: Mountain biking is allowed according to everyman's rights. Always stay on clearly visible tracks and pay attention to other hikers. There is also a 22 km long mountain biking trail in the National Park. See mountain biking trail.

Three mountain bikers on the duckboards.

  • Swimming: The park does not have its own official beach, but Harjulahti beach, which is managed by Joutsa local authority, can be accessed from the park.
  • Voluntary Work: Volunteering is a great way to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Leivonmäki National Park while contributing to the preservation of some of Finland's most breathtaking views. The park has its own volunteer organisation (, in Finnish).