Magnificent Scenery

  • The view over lake country is spectacular from Kyynäränharju, a sandy shored ridge, which separates Lakes Liesjärvi and Kyynäräjärvi.
  • There are look-out points at Hyypiökallio Cliff and Pirttilahti Bay.

Korteniemi Heritage Farm

The grounds of Korteniemi Heritage Farm with their buildings, gardens and fields have remained, for the most part, unchanged for over 100 years. The farm functions in much the same way it did in 1910. During summer the farm is home to indigenous Finnish animals: cows, sheep, chickens and a rooster. Traditional vegetables and grain are grown by traditional methods in the farms fields and gardens. Rye is harvested with scythes, dried on shocks and threshed with flails.

The hostess is watering the vegetable garden with a watering can.