Directions to Kilpisjärvi and Käsivarsi Wilderness Area

Kilpisjärvi village is in Enontekiö municipality in Western Lapland, Finland. Käsivarsi Wilderness Area is located on the east side of the Kilpisjärvi-Karesuvanto main road 21 (E8). In the north and in the east the boundary of the wilderness area runs along the Norwegian border.

To the Hiking Trails

To walk the trails in Kilpisjärvi or Käsivarsi Wilderness Area You can start from Kilpisjärvi Visitor Centre or Malla and Saana Parking Area. Käsivarsi Wilderness Area is located several kilometers from the main road.  
The excursion map below lists the trails in the area. You can move the map with the mouse and zoom in or out with the +/- buttons. The icons on the right show different route types and rest points.

By Bus to Kilpisjärvi

To Kilpisjärvi there are daily coaches ( from Rovaniemi. Part of the year there is also Arctic Route bus ( from Tromso, Norway.

By Car to Käsivarsi

Kilpisjärvi Visitor Centre Parking Area, Käsivarrentie 14123 (road 21,  E8), Kilpisjärvi. Space for 50 cars. Winter maintenance. Driving directions to Kilpisjärvi Visitor Centre.

Malla / Saana Parking Area, Käsivarrentie 14850, Kilpisjärvi. Space for 50 cars. Winter maintenance in spring winter. 

Iitto Parking Area, Käsivarrentie 9912 (road 21, E8), Iitto. Space for 3 cars. No winter maintenance.

Main road 21 (E8) parking areas are marked on the map of The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency (, in Finnish).

By Air to Kittilä

Kittilä airport ( functions throughout the year on a daily basis. A connecting coach or airport taxi ( transport visitors from Kittilä to Kilpisjärvi. Nearest airport in Norway is in Tromso (

By Train to Kolari

The closest railway stations ( are located at Kolari and Rovaniemi. Night trains from Helsinki travel to both.