Teuravuoma - Kivijärvenvuoma Protected Mire Area

A hiker with a dog walking along duckboards leading to the bird-watching tower.
Western Lapland Region
Area: 58 km², established in 1988.
The state lands in the area are administered by Metsähallitus. Private land areas are protected under the protection agreement and are managed by private landowners.

Teuravuoma - Kivijärvenvuoma area is an excellent destination for hikers interested in mires and bird watching. The hiking trail along Telatie road is largely equipped with duckboards and passes from village to village. The path opens up a rich world of nature, history and culture. There are two observation towers and several campfire sites. The Teurajärvi observation tower provides a particularly breathtaking view that stretches beyond the lake to Ylläs. The lively village communities and landscapes of Kurtakko, Teurajärvi and Venejärvi add their own special character to the area. Important forms of land use in the region are reindeer husbandry, hunting, berry picking and outdoor recreation.

Teuravuoma - Kivijärvenvuoma is made up of three aapa mire complexes, and the area's mire types include wide-open fens, more fertile eutrophic fens and forested pine bogs and spruce swamps. Mires are especially important to the bird populations in the area, and Teuravuoma - Kivijärvenvuoma forms one of Central Lapland's best avifauna sites. Teuravuoma - Kivijärvenvuoma is part of the Natura 2000 network and the international Ramsar wetland convention.

The area is managed by Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland.
Tunturintie 54, FI-95970 Äkäslompolo.

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