The numerous trails in the Oulanka National Park and its versatile services offer you nature experiences, throughout the year. You can enjoy the gushing waterfalls independently or book activities via our cooperation enterprises. 

Moving in part of the area is restricted during certain seasons. Please check the situation before setting off for your excursion.


A parent and child walk on a suspension bridge.

Oulanka offers a wide variety of trails, ranging from those suitable for children to demanding rock walls for climbers and observation points for nature lovers. The national park has excellent hiking opportunities, ranging from short day trails to the Karhunkierros Trail (82 km).

The Hiiden hurmos Trail (5 km) and the Könkään keino Trail (8 km) run in the Kiutaköngäs area and present its cultural heritage. The Kanjonin kurkkaus Trail (6 km), in the northern part, provides stunning views. On the Pieni Karhunkierros Trail (12 km), you can enjoy the gorgeous views, the fast-flowing streams, the steep rocks and the hanging bridges. The Könkään kuohu Trail (0.3 km), accessible for all, takes visitors to the lower part of the Kiutaköngäs Rapids. The national park also has trails that are suitable for day trips during the winter. Choose the trail that suits you best and hike to the gushing rapids, the beautiful flood meadows and the rugged landscape.


There are two paddlers in a canoe on one side of the picture. Two kayakers can be seen in the middle of the picture. The river shores are covered in forest.

Experience the beautiful River Oulankajoki by canoeing. The River Oulankajoki canoe route is suitable for both beginners and experienced canoeists, as there are two route options to choose from. You can either head onto a route that runs along the upper part (13 km) of the roaring rapids or onto another route that gently flows in the lower part (25 km) of the rapids. There are campfire sites and a reservable hut along the route. You can also fish or hike during your canoe trip.


A snowy landscape where two snowshoers and the shadow of the photographer can be seen. The shadow reveals that the photographer is also wearing snowshoes and hiking poles.

Feel the thrill of snowshoeing in the pine forests and on the riversides covered by snow. Listen to the crunching snow and the sounds of the natural features of winter: the cackling of black grouse, the sharp drumming of black woodpeckers and the hooting of boreal owls. When going on a day trip, choose one of the following trails and enjoy the gorgeous works of art of the natural features during winter: the Kiutaköngäs Trail (2 km), the Hiiden hurmos Trail (5 km) and the Rytisuo Nature Trail (7 km). Those looking for challenges may head to the demanding Oulanka Wilderness Trail (26 km).

Other Activities

Hikers admiring the view from a tall cliff. There are trees in the foreground and behind the trees a low landscape opens up. The sky is cloudy.

  • Berry and Mushroom Picking: Pick freely mushrooms, lingonberries (Vaccinium vitis-idaea), bilberries (Vaccinium myrtillus), crowberries (Empetrum nigrum), wild strawberries (Fragaria vesca) and arctic brambles (Rubus arcticus).
  • Birdwatching: Go birdwatching by the flowing waters or on the wooded hills. Observe birds on your hikes or when canoeing along the rivers. At Oulanka, spring is the best birdwatching time: numerous species, such as the white-tailed eagle, the black kite and the grey wagtail, head to Oulanka on their migration trip.
  • Cycling is permitted on roads and on the designated trail from Taivalköngäs to  Oulanka visitor centre ( 9 km). Our cooperation enterprises rent bicycles. Read more about partners.
  • Cross-country Skiing: The demanding Oulanka Wilderness Trail from Juuma to Kiutaköngäs (26 km) attracts skiers and snowshoers. The trail base is maintained once a week, from mid-February to April. No ski trail or illumination. There are campfire sites and two open wilderness huts along the trail.
  • Fishing: The lakes and ponds are located in the middle of the handsome wilderness. You may go ice fishing and hook and line fishing at these lakes and ponds throughout the year. Read more about the Everyman's Rights.
    • The fisheries management fee ( is required if you are 18–69 years of age and will be fishing with lures or traps or crayfishing.
    • To fish in the rivers of Oulanka National Park, you need a fishing permit. Check the river fishing areas and links for online stores here (
    • Fishing period: 1.6.-31.08
    • In the fishing permit areas there are also places where fishing is forbidden. Some of these fishing prohibition zones are marked with signposts on the terrain. When you buy a fishing permit, you will also get information about the prohibition zones and other restrictions.
    • You can also check the fishing restrictions online on (in Finnish).
    • All fishing is forbidden in these fishing permit areas outside the fishing period.
  • Guided Group Tours: Information on the guided group tours organized at the visitor centres or outdoors is available at the Oulanka Visitor Centre.
  • Photography: The sights, the unique natural features, the changing seasons and the animals provide an excellent setting for photography. The northern lights occurring in the polar night rapidly change into the bright spring sunshine and into the crusty snowdrifts, the midnight sun and the autumn colours.
  • Sights and Views: Walk along the hanging bridges, listen to the roaring rapids and admire the breathtakingly beautiful views! Most of the sights are located at a distance of a few kilometres on foot or by canoe. The Kiutaköngäs waterfall, Oulanka Canyon and the rapids on the River Kitkajoki are the easiest to reach. Read more.
  • Visitor Centre: Go to the Oulanka Visitor Centre and get the best hiking tips!

Information for Companies and Big Groups

Do you plan to organize guided excursions to the Finnish National Parks or other protected areas? It is possible due to partnership agreement with Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland.


Many kinds of Huts for the Hiker. Please note, that it is not allowed for big groups or commercial groups to overnight in Open Wilderness Huts and in Day-use Huts