Services in the Rapola Hill Fort

  • The services of the Voipaala Art Centre are available to all visitors in the Rapola–Voipaala area at the art centre. Its parking area functions as a starting point for a path to the Rapola ridge.
    • The Rapalum exhibition provides information on the prehistory, history and surroundings of the Rapola ridge and Sääksmäki. The exhibition is held in the stable of the manor.
    • There is a café in the main building of the manor. Please inform the café in advance if you are coming with a large group.
    • The toilet of the Voipaala Art Centre is available to all visitors when the centre is open.
    • There is a sales point in the main building of the manor where you can buy postcards, handicraft and books.
    • The art centre also offers other exhibitions, events and activities for children.
    • Telephone: + 358 40 335 7071
    • E-mail: voipaala(at)
    • Website: Voipaala Art Centre (
  • Enterprises and organisations are offering guides tours and other services in Rapola.

Accessible Services

  • Due to high altitude differences and uneven terrain, the Rapola Hill Fort and the surrounding area of relics are difficult terrain. The Rapola ridge is not accessible by wheelchair. 
  • There is an accessible toilet at the Voipaala Art Centre, located in the basement of the main building. The building is equipped with a wheelchair lift.
  • The Rapalum exhibition at the Voipaala Art Centre is accessible. The touchable scale model of the area displayed at the exhibition is also suitable for the visually impaired. Similarly, the log reconstruction of the walls of the ancient hill fort situated close to the exhibition space is suitable for the visually impaired.

A group of children gathered in front of a guide on the crest of an esker. A lake landscape opens up in the background and a forest can be seen on the horizon.