Hiking Trails

There are no marked trails within Pulju Wilderness Area, but there are some clearly visible old tracks, which however are unmarked. A few of these tracks are shown on the area's maps.

Starting Points for Trails

The starting point for an old track leading to Lake Pahtajärvi in Lemmenjoki National Park is at Kalmakaltio Spring.

Old Tracks and Roads

An approximately 10-km-long track leads from Kalmakaltio into Lemmenjoki National Park and ends there at Lake Pahtajärvi. You can get to the track's starting point at Kalmakaltio by car from the village of Nunnanen. The track is not marked in the terrain, but it is clearly visible. There are bridges for crossing the River Kalmakaltionoja. When setting off the track leads northward towards Pöyrisjärvi Wilderness Area. Before entering Pulju Wilderness Area a separate trail to Jorpavaara turns off the track to Lake Pahtajärvi. The track then turns east, and follows the southern slope of Peltotunturi Fell near Lake Katsapulijärvi and finally to the shore of Lake Pahtajärvi in Lemmenjoki National Park. The reindeer herders' cabin near the lake is locked. You can continue on from the cabin, but the track is not as clearly visible after it. The track is drawn on the Lemmenjoki 1:50 000 map.