Starting Points for Winter Trails

  • Rokuanhovi (Jaakonjärventie 43, 91670 Rokua)
  • Rokua Health & Spa (Kuntoraitti 2, 91670 Rokua)
  • Rokua Skiing Stadium (Jaakonjärventie 43, 91670 Rokua)
  • Rokua Outdoors (Jaakonjärventie 2, 91670 Rokua)

Cross-country ski tracks and multi-use track

Rokua ski tracks follow hiking trails. There are resting spots along the tracks and you can reach the highest point of the national park, Pookivaara, in both traditional and free skiing style. Be aware that there are some demanding downhills and steep climbs along the tracks. There is also a multi-use track in the Rokua area for all types of activities using muscle power such as snowshoeing, fatbiking, walking, skiing with dogs or walking.

The locations, descriptions and instructions for the ski and multi-use track are presented on the Rokua ski map (pdf-file,

If any comments on winter tracks send feedback: rokuanladut(a)


Two skiers are having a break on the stairs of the Palovartija wilderness hut in the middle of a snowy forest.

Customer Service

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