Activities in Kylmäluoma Hiking Area

In summer 2021, a storm felled a lot of wood in the Kylmäluoma area and hiking trails have been out of use. Three routes are open from the hiking trails in the Kylmäluoma hiking area, partly with changed routes: the nature trail, the Hukanharjunpolku and the Kivikkovaaranpolku

Two fishers in a rowing boat.

Families with children can happily spend their holiday by the clear lakes of Kylmäluoma. The hiking area is popular amongst fishermen, hunters and trekkers.


For recreational fishermen, there is plenty to choose from as Kylmäluoma has 90 lakes and ponds. The ponds and lakes glistening between the eskers are fantastic fishing sites. Two lakes are stocked with highly prized fish, so you can catch rainbow trout or grayling.

Located close to the camping ground, Lake Iso-Pajuluoma is a popular fishing site where the main catches are rainbow trout and brown trout. The smaller Katkeimalampi has been reserved for fly fishing. There, you can catch grayling amongst others. In spring, Kylmäluoma is a popular ice-fishing destination as the rainbow trout and large perch in these lakes attract many ice-fishing enthusiasts.

By purchasing an angling permit (permit area 4525;, you can fish in all of the waters in the hiking area. 

Except for Lake Iso-Pajuluoma and Pienempi Katkeimanlampi, you are allowed to ice-fish and hook and line fish in accordance with everyman's rights ( and go lure fishing when you have a fishing management fee (

Fishers need to check the restrictions on fishing sites at (In Finnish).

Two children wondering at a tree stump in a forest. In the background a lake can be seen.Purchase the fishing permits at the Kylmäluoma camping ground or via the online shop (


Note. Kylmäluoma's hiking routes have changed. The lengths of the routes in the terrain may differ from those described in the route descriptions.

The easy-to-walk heaths are suitable for day trips for families with children. There are several marked trails, and the shortest, the Kylmäluoma Nature Trail (4 km), is also suitable for children. The most beautiful views of the lakes, ponds and eskers can be had on the Hukanharjunpolku Trail (5 km), and on the Kivikkovaaranpolku Trail (8.5 km), you can admire the mire and pond scenery. Read more about the trails in Kylmäluoma.

You can have a break and eat by any of the maintained lean-to shelters and campfire sites. Maps and excursion tips are available at the Kylmäluoma camping ground. 


The extensive hunting grounds close to the Kylmäluoma camping ground await hunters. Kylmäluoma is an excellent destination particularly for those who are interested in grouse hunting. It is easy to purchase small game hunting permits for Kylmäluoma and the nearby area from Metsähallitus' online shop ( which sells hunting and fishing permits (permit area 5622).

Other Activities

  • Berry and mushroom picking: fill your buckets with the autumn crop! The most common berries in Kylmäluoma are the lingonberry and the cloudberry.
  • Canoeing and rowing: you can hire a boat or a canoe from the Kylmäluoma camping ground and go rowing or canoeing on the lakes.
  • Cycling: Taivalkoski is a starting point for a marked mountain bike route that runs along Kylmäluomanharju Esker in the hiking area.
  • Observing the starry sky: Stars, the northern lights and the moon can be seen clearly from here, as we have no light pollution.
  • Seeing the sights and the views: the rugged eskers and lake sceneries are the most significant riches in the area. Close to the Kylmäluoma Outdoor Centre, you will find the magnificent Hukanharju and Kylmäluomanharju Eskers.
  • Snowmobiling: the snowmobile track maintained by Taivalkosken kelkkapooli runs across the hiking area to the Kylmäluoma Outdoor Centre. From there, you can continue towards Kuusamo and Kainuu.
  • Swimming: on a hot day, it is pleasant to dive into one of the 90 crystal-clear ponds or lakes of Kylmäluoma. There is a shore suitable for bathing at the Kylmäluoma camping ground. There are also other good bathing spots by the hiking trails, such as  the shores of Lake Kylmäluomajärvi, Lake Valkeinen and Lake Pikku-Pajuluoma. There are no restrictions on swimming. You'll swim in the lakes and ponds of the Kylmäluoma hiking area at your own risk.

Snowmobiling - Licences for snowmobile tracks maintained by Metsähallitus

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