Petkeljärvi Nature Information Hut

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The Nature Information Hut is located at Petkeljärvi Outdoor Centre at the tip of Cape Petraniemi where Petkeljärventie Road ends. The Nature Information Hut provides information on the National Park and its valuable ridges.

Two hikers are walking towards the camera outside Petkeljärvi Outdoor Centre.


Petkeljärvi Nature Information Hut
Petkeljärventie 61, Ilomantsi
Tel int. + 358 41436 1790
petkeljarvicenter(at) (in Finnish)




There is no entrance fee.

Opening hours

Check opening hours at (in Finnish).


By Car

From Ilomantsi take road 5004. Turn onto Petkeljärventie Road in the direction of the park just before Oinassalmi Sound. From this intersection it is 6 km to Petkeljärvi Nature Information Hut and Outdoor Centre. There are signposts to the park from road 74.

By Public Transportation

A coach ( travels only on school days from Ilomantsi along road 5004 to Oinassalmi Sound (Petkeljärvi intersection), from where it is 6 km to Petkeljärvi Nature Information Hut and Outdoor Centre.


  • Information on Petkeljärvi National Park.
  • The café at Petkeljärvi Outdoor Centre sells National Park sleeve badges, pins and t-shirts, postcards and fishing permits.
  • The customer service at Petkeljärvi Outdoor Centre offers information on nature and rents canoes and boats.

Permanent Exhibition

Petkeljärvi Nature Information Hut has an exhibition detailing the formation of the area's beautiful ridges. It shows how these steep-sided and low ridges became paths for plants, animals and humans. The exhibition displays the area's typical natural features such as the fragile plants of the dry forest, which do not survive being stomped on. The centre of these ridges is also very precious. It stores rain water and filters it before it flows back into lakes and river.

A wall covered by photographs of plants and animals. Each photograph contains a text describing the species.

Auditorium and AV-Presentations

Visitors may watch a 15-minutes slide-show on the area's natural features.

Café and Restaurant Services

A café-restaurant is located in the same building close to the Nature Information Hut.

Two hikers are sitting at a picnic table with heaped plates in front of them.

Accessible Services

  • Petkeljärvi Nature Information Hut and the café-restaurant at the Outdoor Centre are accessible by wheelchair if assisted.
  • There is an accessible toilet in the café-restaurant.