Activities in Meiko


Meiko has three marked hiking trails winding through forests and past lakes and ponds. The trails run through varying terrain, often with exposed roots and rocky terrain. In addition, you will find a criss-crossing network of small forest paths. Rest stops are located on the shores of Korsolampi Lake and Lake Meiko. 

A hiker walking on a rocky trail in the forest.

Mountain biking

Cycling is permitted on roads and on clearly distinct paths. Read more about the instructions and rules on cycling in Meiko.  

Bird watching

Lake Meiko is an excellent place to spot different waterfowl, such as the black-throated diver.  This handsome and loud bird thrives at wild lakes and indeed likes Lake Meiko as well. There are many forest species. In the spring, you can hear owls hooting.

Other activities

Camping: Camping is permitted in the vicinity of the Korsolampi rest site. Read more about the instructions and rules for camping in Meiko. 

Lighting fires: Campfires are permitted at official campfire sites on the shores of Korsolampi and Lake Meiko. Read more about making fires.

. A hiker is fishing on a rocky shore. Water in the foreground and a forest in the background.en en sjö, i bakgrunden skog.

Fishing: Angling and ice fishing are everyman’s rights. For other matters and rules related to fishing, see the Meiko instructions and rules page.

Picking berries and mushrooms: Picking berries and edible mushrooms is allowed.  

Swimming: Swimming is permitted in bodies of water. Low cliffs on the shore provide fairly good access to water. There is no actual beach in the area. 

Rock climbing: Rock climbing is possible on rocks along the exercise track towards Korsolampi. The distance from the parking area to the rocks is approximately 800 metres.

Steep rocks.