Liminka Bay Visitor Centre

  • Information on the natural features and outdoor recreation opportunities in the Liminka Bay area and the nearby region.
  • Reservations can be made at the visitor centre's customer service
  • For hire: snowshoes, binoculars (can be borrowed for free when visiting the nearby bird-watching tower).
  • For sale: books, posters, binoculars, art and other products.
  • The hotel-restaurant (
  • WLAN is available to customers.
  • The meeting facilities and the auditorium can be hired for meetings. More information on the facilities (

Hailuoto Nature Exhibition is closed.

Café and Restaurant Services

  • A 55-seater restaurant that has space for 170 customers when necessary. Our menu offers something for every palate. Don't forget to get a cup of coffee and try our delicacies before flying back to your own nest!
  • Food form menu when open.
  • Tasty meals for groups. Please book your lunch in advance.
  • Open Mon-Sun in April-October, otherwise usually only in weekends.

Accessible Services

  • There is a wheelchair ramp to the visitor centre.
  • There are two accessible parking spaces in the parking area.
  • The visitor centre has an accessible toilet. 
  • The auditorium is able to accommodate several wheelchairs at a time.  
  • The exhibition can be toured by wheelchair.   
  • The café has room for about twenty wheelchairs at a time. Meals for groups, requires booking in advance. We will be able to observe your special dietary requirements. 
  • There is an accessible dry toilet in the parking area.
  • Close to the visitor centre, you will find the Virkkula birdwatching tower, which is accessible by wheelchair.

Photo: Saša Dolinšek.

Services Provided by the Cooperation Parties in the Liminka Bay Area

Photo: Satu Aura.

Hiking and Outdoor Services in Liminka Bay

Campfire sites

The campfire sites are located close to the birdwatching towers:

  • The Virkkula campfire site next to the visitor centre
  • The Puhkiavanperä campfire site
  • The Temmesjoki campfire site
  • The Papinkari campfire site
  • The Sannanlahti campfire site
  • There are several shops in the Liminka Bay area, where you can buy snacks for your excursion.
  • If a forest fire warning is in effect, the lighting of a fire is only allowed in fireplaces that are located in cooking shelters. When a forest fire warning is in effect, the lighting of campfires is forbidden, even at the campfire sites. For additional information about lighting campfires at designated spots, see the more detailed instructions in the section Hiking in Finland.

Photo: Petri Lampila.

Drinking Water

  • You must bring your own drinking water. You may fill your water bottle at the Liminganlahti Visitor Centre.
  • Read about the drinking water tips in the section Hiking in Finland.

Waste Management

Apart from the Liminka Bay Visitor Centre, there are no waste bins in the area, so visitors must take their litter away with them. This makes it the responsibility of each hiker to bring the waste they accumulate during their trips to a recycling point. Biodegradable waste should be placed in a toilet or composter, and small amounts of clean paper and cardboard can be used as kindling in a campfire. Read more about Hiking without littering.

  • There is a recycling point at the Liminganlahti Visitor Centre (board, glass, metal and mixed waste).


  • The Liminganlahti Visitor Centre has a toilet, as well as a toilet for the disabled (including a babycare table).
  • There is a dry toilet in the visitor centre's yard.

Overnight Stays

Pitching a Tent

  • It is possible to pitch a tent in the yard of the Liminka Bay Visitor Centre. Enquire at the visitor centre.
  • There are no designated tent sites elsewhere in the area.

Other Services in the Surrounding Area