Services in Uddskatan

Customer Service and Guidance

Eating, cooking and snacking

Lighting fires

  • Campfires are prohibited in the area.
    • Please note that disposable grills are also considered open fires.

Drinking water

  • You must bring your own drinking water.

Waste disposal

  • Because there are no waste containers in the area, visitors are responsible for the proper disposable of their own waste. This means that all visitors must assume full responsibility for their own waste by carrying it out of the area with them for proper sorting.
  • Read more about litter-free hiking.

Dry toilets

  • There are no dry toilets in the Uddskatan Nature Reserve. There are, however, dry toilets along the Tulliniemi nature path and at the Freeport (Vapaasatama) parking area (owned by City of Hanko).

Staying overnight

  • Visitors are not permitted to stay overnight in the area.
  • Contact Hanko Tourist Office ( for information on overnight accommodations in the neighbouring area.

Accessible services

  • There are no accessible services in the area.

Other services in the neighbouring area

Customer service

Finnish Nature Centre Haltia
tel. +358 40 163 6200