Instructions and Rules in Repovesi National Park

Instructions on Exploring Repovesi National Park

In the National Park, the following are


  • Hiking, skiing, rowing and canoeing, except in restricted areas.
  • Picking berries and mushrooms, except in restricted areas.
  • Fishing:
  • Rock Climbing at Olhavanvuori.
    • Rock climbing is not permitted on the parks other hills, because the parks vegetation is easily damaged. Finland's Antiquities Act also prohibits rock climbing in the vicinity of rock paintings at Olhavanvuori Rock. Drilling new bolts or anchors to the cliff-face is forbidden.A cup filled with blueberries on top of moss and lichen.


  • It is forbidden to hike or move around without authorization at the eastern and north-eastern part of the park, where the Pahkajärvi army shooting and practice area is. A permit is required if going into this area. Unauthorized hikers are caught and always get fined. The restricted area is established for safety purposes only and the area may contain for excample unexploded munitions. The borders of restricted area are marked on the map (pdf, 6 Mb, with red color and with white-blue paint marks in the terrain.
  • Travelling in the Lakes Repovesi, Kapiavesi and Tihvetjärvi by motor vehicles (such as water bus, motor boat, water scooter, etc.) if it causes undue noise or other harm.
  • Camping and building campfires is allowed only in places designated for this purpose. Camping for short periods is permitted as an everyman's rights ( in areas where people are permitted to be, but campfires cannot be built at these self-made campsites.
  • As a rule, a permit issued by Metsähallitus is required for activities other than those included in everyman's rights, which may include research and organised events. Further information on required permits: research and access permits ( and permits and notifications related to events (


  • Lighting campfires if the forest fire warning or the grass fire warning is in effect. Check the current warnings (
    • This prohibition does not apply to cooking shelters at Lapinsalmi and Kuutinkavana or fireplaces inside the rental Campfire huts.
  • Letting pets run free.
  • Picking mushrooms other than edible ones. Picking or ripping or otherwise harming trees, shrubs, and other plants.
  • Causing harm to earth or rock, taking minerals or other earth or rock.
  • Hunting, killing or frightening small vertebrates or destroying their dens.
  • Hunting or collecting invertebrates.
  • Hunting or driving game.
  • Driving motor vehicle (such as car, moped, motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV, etc.) on closed off roads and off-road
    • Exceptions: Rescue services, park security and maintenance personnel, cottage owners, who can travel to their properties through the park area. Also maintenance vehicles going to the Kuutinlahti concert area. Permits are not given for any other events.
    • Kuismantie Road is closed off from public traffic with bar gates from Saarijärvi Parking Area to Tervajärvi Parking Area. Motor vehicles are not permitted in this area.
    • Snowmobiles are not permitted in the terrain around the sounds (for example Lapinsalmi, Ruskiansalmi Sounds). The ice of the sounds cannot be reached from this terrain. Riding on private land without the owner's permission is considered trespassing and is punishable by law.
  • Travelling by motorised water transport in state or UPM-Kymmene owned waters, except in Lakes Repovesi, Kapiavesi and Tihvetjärvi.
    • The local fishing collective has forbidden the use of motor vehicles on Lake Tervajärvi.
  • Landing on state or UPM-Kymmene owned water with aircrafts.
  • Littering and damaging or destroying structures.
  • Boating and canoeing on Lake Olhavanlampi up to mid-summer. The only exception is the use of boats by rock climbers to reach the foot of the cliff.


Mobile Phone Coverage

  • Although Finland has a broad network for mobile phones, there are some areas in the park without signal. There may also be some smaller spots where there is interference. If this happens try to climb to a higher place or go into an open area. It may be worth removing the SIM card from your phone and then trying again to make emergency call. Different phones also differ in their coverage.
  • We recommend that you keep your mobile phone warm at all times and take along food and drink. Certain phone models do not work when the temperature falls below zero. You should therefore let someone know your planned route. To keep your mobile phone charged, bring along a spare power source, a spare battery or an old phone with a working battery.
  • Background information on how to act in case of an emergency.

Hikers sitting on a dock with their feet in the water.

Equipment and Safety

  • Sturdy shoes are needed for hiking in Repovesi National Park. Trails are rocky and have roots growing across them. Cliffs, especially the edges of cliffs can be slippery. Loose rocks may also cause hikers to slip. The areas steep hills and cliffs make hiking demanding and hikers should reserve more time than usual for their trips.
  • A flashlight or head-lamp is useful on hill-side trails at twilight. Watching a sunrise or sunset from the top of a hill is a memorable experience.
  • During summer a snake venom antidote pack, a first aid medication for snakebite found in Finnish pharmacies is essential, as adders (Vipera berus) thrive on sunny hill-sides.
  • Be prepared for the onslaught of mosquitoes and Elk Flies (Lipoptena cervi). Mosquitoes start to appear in mid-June and disappear in August. Elk Flies appear in August or September.
  • Weather conditions change quite quickly during autumn. So be prepared for rain and wind, even on short hikes.
  • Drinking water and toilet paper are good to have along.
  • If you face an emergency on your hike, e.g. get lost, get injured or observe wildfire, call 112 and report an emergency. More information on how to act in an emergency.
  • Make sure you pack a first-aid kit.
  • Hiking in Finland
  • Before your trip see also page What is New.

Peak Seasons

  • Repovesi is a very popular outdoor recreation area. A majority of visitors go to Lapinsalmi Sound. Especially in July the Lapinsalmi parking area is busy. 
  • It is advisable to enter the middle part of the park somewhere else than at Lapinsalmi parking area. By straying from most popular trails hikers can experience something new and be able to wander without being cramped by other hikers.
  • Repovesi is suitable for hiking during all seasons. Different weather conditions and ways of travelling (by foot, ski, boat or canoe) make it a versatile destination year-round.

112 Suomi - mobile application

When an emergency call is being made through the 112 Suomi - mobile application ( the dispatcher will automatically receive the callers position. 

It is recommended to keep the mobile phone warm and to bring extra food and water with you. There are many excursion locations with no mobile coverage and some mobile phones does not work in sub-zero temperatures, that is why it is always a good idea to let someone know about your itinerary and timetable.

Outdoor Etiquette

1. Respect nature.

2. Mainly use marked trails.

3. Camp only where it is allowed.

4. Light your campfire only where it is allowed.

5. Do not litter.

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