Things to Do and See in Koli Nature Centre Ukko

Exhibitions in Koli Nature Centre Ukko

Permanent Koli Heritage Exhibition

The Koli Heritage Exhibition (subject to a charge) explores Koli's geological features, natural environment and culture in a variety of ways, including the traditions of slash-and-burn agriculture, the history of tourism in Koli, and the area's geological features. There, you will learn how Koli became Koli.

A wall with a lot of black and white pictures on it.

Current Temporary Exhibitions

Temporary exhibitions are free of charge. Temporary exhibitions are presented in the lobby of the second floor of Koli Nature Centre Ukko and near the Lynx cave on the first floor. There is a lift access to the upper floor. Upper floor’s temporary exhibitions are organized together with Koli Cultural Society ( Exhibition open call for 2023 has ended. Exhibition open call for 2024 is opened at the end of 2022. Information and questions about the exhibitions can be asked from the Koli Cultural Society.

Illustration of the white ermin at night.

Diverse Koli: An Illustration Exhibition 29.6.–30.9.2022
Illustrator Emmi Jormalainen’s illustrations are presented near the Lynx Cave at Ukko’s first floor. Jormalainen illustrated the guide characters of Koli National Park’s new day hiking trails. Diverse Koli presents the new guide characters of Koli National Park.

Sculptor Leena Reittu with her wooden sculpture at winter time.

Where to Leads the Forest Path Exhibition, Leena Reittu 4.9.–28.12.2022
In the Where to Leads the Forest Path Exhibition, Koli's own sculptor Leena Reittu presents her relationship to wood material and studies the origin of wood. The exhibiton opens 4.9. with an artist meeting at 1 pm.

Upcoming Temporary Exhibitions

Mariana Nordgren 30.12.2022–30.3.2023
Ilai Lehto 3.4.–29.6.2023
Johanna Lonka 1.7.–31.7.2023
Miia Rosenius 2.8.–30.8.2023
Kaisa Juntunen 1.9.–31.10.2023 

Past Exhibitions

Vuoden Luontokuvat (Nature Photographs of the Year) 2021 Photography Exhibition 15.6.–2.7.2022
Tarinapuut Exhibition (, in Finnish) 5.7.–1.9.2022

Guided Tours for Groups

Guided tours are available for groups at the permanent exhibition and on nature trails. Advance bookings are required for guided tours. Guided tours are subject to a charge. In order to book a guided tour for your group, please contact the Nature Centre.

Auditorium and Films

The well-equipped auditorium on the second floor of the Nature Centre seats 200 people and can be hired for conferences and seminars. Reservations for the Auditorium (, in Finnish).

Multivision and slideshow presentations about Koli's natural landscape are on display in the auditorium when it is not booked for conferences. Entry to the 20-minute presentations is included in the entrance fee. The presentations are changed every few months.

Reference Library 

The reference library presents the wilderness, culture and history of Koli, free of charge. 

Nature Centre Courtyard 'Yläpiha'    

Several trails start off from the courtyard of the Koli Nature Centre Ukko, known as 'Yläpiha'. One of the trails leads to the Ukko-Koli lookout point. Chairlift and scenic lift access to the shore of Lake Pielinen. A campfire site is located close to the courtyard.

Two visitors admiring the photos on the wall at an exhibition.

Outdoor Etiquette

1. Respect nature.

2. Mainly use marked trails.

3. Camp only where it is allowed.

4. Light your campfire only where it is allowed.

5. Do not litter.

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