Nature Centres - Treasure Troves of Nature-related Information

Nature centres are places worth visiting: they offer diverse exhibitions and spectacular nature films that bring Finland's greatest natural attractions to the visitors' fingertips. They are the place to stop for information before setting off on an excursion or just for having a refreshing break. The staff will be happy to talk about the area's nature and hiking destinations, and you can get the maps and further information on the different areas at the same time.

Nature trails, located near the nature centres, are also worth exploring. Many nature centres have facilities suitable for a lunch break or rest, and some have a café or restaurant.

If you are arriving with a group, we ask that you contact us in advance to hear about the various services available for groups, such as guided tours.

Admission to the nature centres is usually free, but some nature centres have exhibitions with an entrance fee. The contact details and opening hours for each nature centre are available on their respective pages.

The contact details for each Nature Information Hut are given below the information on each nature destination.

Nature Centres

Metsähallitus Customer Service Guarantee

  • You can visit us, call us, or reach us via e-mail. We respond to e-mails within three days of their arrival.
  • We will give you information on nature, our protected areas and hiking destinations. If there is something we do not know, we will look it up or direct you to another place to get the information.
  • We sell maps, publications about our destinations and other nature-related products. Some of our Customer Service Points manage reservations for rental huts and sell Metsähallitus fishing, hunting and off-road permits. We assist you in getting all the correct permits for your trip.
  • If you inform us in advance of a group's arrival, we will set up a tour to suit your interests. If you show up without a reservation, we will guide you as our schedule allows.
  • Give us feedback! This way you can help us develop our services.