What can one do at Siikalahti ?

Go Bird Watching

Siikalahti wetland is a bird paradise, where visitors can observe birds year-round. The opportune time for this is from early spring to late autumn. Especially midnights during summer are an unforgettable experience at Siikalahti, as you will hear a loud chorus of bird song. You can observe birds from two bird-watching towers (one of which has pram access), from the hide or from the accessible lookout platform. Along with bird watching you have a chance to see the area's magnificent dragonflies and versatile vegetation.

A person with binoculars in the bird-watching tower. The tower is surrounded by vast wetlands with alternating small grassy islet and water. Fields, forests and farmhouses can be seen in the background.

See the Nature Information Hut

The exhibit at Siikalahti Nature Information Hut features in a multifaceted way the many bird species and vegetation of the area. There is a list of all the bird species sighted at Siikalahti at the nature information hut.

Walk the Nature Trail

There is a 1-km-long nature trail which leads to the bird watching tower.

The Common hepatica in bloom, the rays of the sun hits the petals.

Go on Guided Group Tour Outdoors

Tours can be reserved at Ornio (ornio.net).