Forest fire warning is in force. It is forbidden to light an open fire in all camp fire sites, except in fireplaces with flues.

Directions and Maps

Konungsskär is located about 6 kilometres from Korpoström to south-southwest.

  • Coordinates Euref-Fin (~ WGS84) lat: 60° 03.8077' lon: 21° 34.7854'  ETRS-TM35FIN: N: 6670852 E: 198477
  • Nautical chart series: D
  • Nautical chart: 717, 25


The Excursion Harbour

Konungsskär form a sheltered excursion harbour together with Västra Tvigölpan and Birsskär. From Konungskär island you can get to the next island Birsskär along a boardwalk. The best places for mooring can be found from the north shore of Birsskär island. The south shore and western side of Konungskär are other possibilities for mooring.

  • Harbour number: 842
  • Depth: 1,0 - 3,0
  • Anchor 
  • Open: north and southwest

Other Services

  • The wilderness hut can be used for temporary accommodation.
  • The hut houses a small exhibition.
  • Information board 
  • Camping site 
  • Campfire site. There is also another campfire site in the north side of Birsskär.
  • Toilet 
  • History and life on the Konungsskär Island can be explored on a nature trail which circle around island.

Natural Features and History

Konungsskär and the nearby islands are barren and rocky. The old tenant farm is surrounded by a beautiful meadow, still grazed by sheep in the summer. After the end of permanent habitation in 1916, the island was used as a base for hunting and fishing trips. Famous Finnish Marshal Carl Gustaf Mannerheim also visited the hut in September 1926.

A wooden bridge crossing a sound. A stony shore in the foreground and lush vegetation in the background.