The exceptional water bus schedule for Vallisaari on Thursday 13.7.

(Updated 4.7.2023)

There will be no water bus transportation to Vallisaari from Kauppatori (Market Square) on Thursday, July 13th. All water traffic at Kauppatori is closed on July 13th.

The water bus transportation to Vallisaari operates on July 13th from Kalasatama following the Circle Line route: Kalasatama – Vallisaari – Suomenlinna – Lonna – Kalasatama.
The water bus departs from Kalasatama every hour starting from 8:30 AM until 9:30 PM, and the last departure is at 10:30 PM.

The water bus on the Circle Line makes an exceptional stop at Torpedo bay in Vallisaari, from where it continues to Suomenlinna. From Vallisaari, you can disembark at Torpedo bay jetty every hour starting from 9:10 AM on the Circle Line. 


Helsinki Biennial allows free entry on the last Friday of June, July, and August

(Updated 26.6.2023)

Free ferry tickets to Vallisaari are sponsored in June and July by the City of Helsinki and in August by S Group. The tickets can be booked on Helsinki Biennial’s website ( one week in advance. On those days, entry to the exhibition at HAM is also free of charge (there is always a free entry to the exhibition on Vallisaari Island). 


This summer you can reach Vallisaari by water bus from both Market Square and Kalasatama

(Updated 16.6.2023)

The main water bus line to Vallisaari operates between Market Square (Kauppatori) and Vallisaari, with return trips as well. Passengers are left out from the water bus at the Pilotyard jetty on Vallisaari. Those with mobility restrictions or strollers can also choose to leave at the Torpedo pay jetty, where the water bus continues from Pilotyard. The return ferry to Market Square departs from the Torpedo pay jetty.

The Circle Line stops at the Pilotyard jetty on Vallisaari before continuing its journey to Suomenlinna. The Circle Line follows the route Kalasatama-Vallisaari-Suomenlinna-Lonna-Kalasatama.

The Market Square line is marked in green on the map and signs, while the Circle Line is indicated in orange.

Tickets for the water bus can be purchased in advance from the online store, the Helsinki Biennial Pavilion ticket sales point at Kauppatori, and onboard the water bus.

Water bus schedules and tickets: FRS Finland ( and Vallisaari (

Helsinki Biennial 2023 opens at Vallisaari 

(Updated 11.6.2023)

The Helsinki Biennial will open on Sunday, June 11th, on the island of Vallisaari. The Biennial will be open until September 17th, 2023.

The Biennial is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 11 am to 6 pm. It is closed on Mondays, but the outdoor artworks can still be explored. The cafeés and restaurants on Vallisaari are also open on Mondays.


Helsinki Biennial attracted 145,000 visitors to Vallisaari

(Updated 29.9.2021)
The contemporary art event Helsinki Biennial took place for the first time from 12 June to 26 September 2021. A total of 145,000 people visited Vallisaari.

Read more about visitors at Helsinki Biennial (


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