Hiking Trails

Starting Points for Trails

Evo Centre and the parking areas are good starting places for hikes. There are 13 parking areas in different parts of the Hiking Area. Starting points for the nature trails are mentioned in the description of each nature trail.

Two women and two children standing on a wooden bridge. There is a boat on the river that floats beneath the bridge, a man is sitting in the boat.

Nature Trails

  • Lake Niemisjärvi Trail, 3 km, goes into an old-growth forest, where you can learn about the special features of old-growth forests and its inhabitant, the Siberian Flying Squirrel (Pteromys Volans). Then the trail continues to a commercial forest and then onto a mire, which is in its natural state. The terrain is not difficult, and the trail is marked with blue circles painted on trees.
  • Syrjänalusen harjupolku Trail, 3 km, shows the marks of the Ice Age which formed the eskers. The trail is marked with cone signs. There are great differences in altitude at some places along the trail, but on top of the esker the terrain is easy. Please notice: This route is not currently in use, and it will be replaced by a wellness-themed nature trail. In addition, felling is underway along the route. It is slow work since all felling residue will be removed, and working on a steep hill is challenging.
    • This trail starts at the parking area of Syrjänalunen.
    • Services: a well near Lake Karvalammi and a lean-to shelter at Syrjänalunen.
    • Please notice: During the logging (autumn 2018 - winter 2019) it will be strictly forbidden to go to the area and the ridge part of Syrjänalusen harjupolku Trail will be closed. Read more.
  • Savottapolku Trail, 4 km, starts at Kelkute. It tells you about the history of forest works in 1850 - 1950, and the life of the solitary inhabitants of the area. The trail has been marked with signs representing lynx paws. The terrain is gently hilly.
  • Luutajoen taimenpolku Nature Trail, 2 km, has displays which tell the story of the brown trout. The displays also offer information on the retoration of brooks. The trail follows the River Luutajoki and there are bridges at the points where the river must be crossed. The starting point of the trail is marked with a signpost, but the rest of the trail is unmarked. A brochure on the trail is available at Evokeskus Centre.
    • The starting point for the trail is at the info point at the intersection of Ruuhijärventie road and road 53.

  • On Metsätaitorata Trail, 4 km, you can learn about forest estimation and try your skills at it. Competitions in forestry skills are held for professionals to maintain and develop their skills.

Other Trails

Ilvesvaellus Hiking Trail network was established in 1987 for hiking and outdoor recreation on the lands owned by the town of Hämeenlinna, Häme Polytechnic and Metsähallitus. There are about 70 km of trails altogether, and hikers can choose between alternative routes of different lengths. The landscape is varied and the relative differences in altitude are great in the area, about 70 - 80 metres.

Evo Centre is a good place to start hiking. It is also possible get around by a car in the hiking area, so you can choose your starting point from anywhere else in the area. The hiking trail is marked in the forest with signs which resemble lynx paw prints. In the area managed by Metsähallitus, the newest sections of the trail have been marked in orange. The map of IlvesvaellusTrail is a necessary equipment because, in addition to the dense forest road network, there are many footpaths in the forest which have not been marked in the brochure.

  • Services: There are several lean-to shelters, camping sites and campfire sites along the trail.

Connection Trails

It is also possible to extend your hiking trip onto the connection trails which start from the hiking area.

  • The 13-km-long Päijänne-Ilves connection trail starts at Tarus and ends in the guestharbours of the municipality of Padasjoki.
  • The 30-km-long Aurinko-Ilves connection trail begins in the northeastern corner of the hiking area, where Majavapolku Trail is, and ends at Päijännetalo (asikkala.fi, in Finnish) which is located in the municipality of Asikkala, near Vääksy canal.