Valkjärvi Group Camp

17.1.2024, updated 31.5.2024
The Lapinsalmi Bridge in Repovesi National Park is temporarily closed. Hikers are requested to arrive at Repovesi National Park through the parking areas of Tervajärvi and Saarijärvi. From Lapinsalmi, you can access the trails using the Ketunlossi ferry and the crossing boat, whose schedules can be found on our website in the 'what's new' page.

Hut approximately 60 m2. Space for 40 persons sitting inside and 25 outside at the terrace under the roof. If needed, it is allowed to sleep inside: maximum 5 persons at the balcony and 25 persons at the floor on tent mattresses. 1,5 hectare forrest yard defined by fences is in tenants use and suitable for camping. 


The reservations from our webshop ( of reservation for the rental hut.

The Valkjärvi group camp in the northern part of Repovesi National Park is intended as a base for camps and events. The reservation group camp is a recommended option for large groups when you want to have space, peace and privacy for camping or an event. The group camp also includes a camping hut that offers protection from the weather and, if necessary, is also suitable for overnight stays.


Southern Finland, Kymenlaakso Region, Municipality of Kouvola, Repovesi National Park.  

Valkjärvi Group Camp, coordinates
ETRS-TM35FIN: N 6783583 E 492280 E
Euref-Fin (~ WGS84) lat:  61° 11.197'  lon:  26° 51.385'


Valkjärvi group camp at 
Repovesi Outdoor Map 1:20 000
Map of Repovesi National Park (pdf 5,5 Mb, 


7.4.-31.10.2023 125€ /day (incl. vat 10%)

Reservable April–October
Rental time 14:00–12:00.


Keys to the camp hut will be placed in the key box next to the door of the hut.
A 4-digit key combination for opening the key box will be sent to the e-mail address provided when making the booking. Leave the keys in the same key box when you leave after your stay. 
Please note that the door will be get locked automatically. It’s recommended to keep the key in the key box. 


A wood-heated stove in the hut.
Coffee and tea pots.
Five pots and pan for stove and for campfire.
Buckets and canisters for clean and waste water and dish washing.
Wool socks for 24 persons (it not allowed to use shoes inside the hut).
Movable ramp for wheel chairs.
Campfire site and a picnic table.
Locked woodshed, firewood and an axe.
A traditional cellar.
A pier.
A cooking and dishwashing shelter.
A compost.
An accessible outhouse (non-compostable), please bring own toilet paper.
Drinking water well is located right next to the yard. Water is drinkable, but it has strong odour and colour nuisances. Other wells at Olhava and Saarijärvi.


The camp area is located right next to Kaakkurinkierros hiking trail. 

By Publinc Transportation
See bus and train connections at Directions.

By Car
Nearest parking areas is Saarijärvi parking area (approximately 1,5 kms to Valkjärvi, access to the group camp is by trails, the road leading to the group camp is closed with a barrier), Kuismantie 990, Kouvola (Road 368). Space for approximately 60 cars. During the winter maintenance period, the parking area may be smaller. 

The renter of the area may drive one vehicle to the Valkjärvi reservation camp area if needed. The vehicle must stay in the campsite for the duration of the reservation and must not be used anywhere other than on the road section between the Saarijärvi boom and the campsite. Apply for the vehicle permit well in advance, at the latest 5 days before the start of the lease period. You can send a free-form application with a short explanation to Saimaa(at)   
Please note that depending on the winter conditions, the frost heave may last up to mid-May in the spring and prevent you from reaching the campsite. The last forest road section leading to Valkjärvi (approx. 300 m) does not have winter maintenance.


There is no electricity or lightning. 
Dishwashing liquid, spices, candles, fire-making equipment and toilet paper are not included.
Dogs and other pets are not allowed in the hut. Always keep your pets on leash in national parks.

The hut must always be cleaned after use. 

There are no waste-bins or recycling points in the park or parking areas. Make sure you leave no litter or other traces of your visit.
Biodegradable waste like food scraps can not be placed into the chemical toilets but there is a compost next to toilets.
Small amounts of clean paper and cardboard can be used as kindling in a campfire. Take all other waste out of the area. 
Read more about Hiking without littering.

Lighting campfires is prohibited if the wildfire warning is in effect. 

Safety on hiking.

Maintenance and Management

Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland 

Customer Service
Koli Nature Centre Ukko, +358 40 773 2442
Saimaa Nature Centre Riihisaari, tel. int. +358 206 39 5929.

Booking information

Book from Eräluvat-webshop

Terms of reservation

Read the terms of reservation.

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Outdoor Etiquette

A cartoon picture of a family walking on a summer path.

1. Respect nature.

2. Mainly use marked trails.

3. Camp only where it is allowed.

4. Light your campfire only where it is allowed.

5. Do not litter.

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