Pyhä-Luosto National Park is a fine and easy-to-access destination for hiking and exercising in the wilderness for people of all ages.

An adult and a child on a wooden bridge watching towards a pond.

Guided Nature-Themed Activities

  • Guided group tours of the Pyhä-Luosto Visitor Centre Naava exhibition can be arranged; please book in advance.
  • School groups can book a guide to accompany them to the wildernessfrom the cooperating partners of the national park.

Excursion Tips

Pyhä-Luosto Visitor Centre Naava makes a convenient starting point for trips in the national park. Its inspiring nature exhibition introduces the special characteristics of the area's nature and geology, and customer service provides hiking tips and information.

  • The Tunturiaapa Nature Trail (ca. 7 km) passes through an aapa mire, and is perfect for a small nature or bird-watching trip.
  • The trail is easy to walk, wetlands are equipped with duckboards and there are stairs in the steepest places. There are information boards telling about the nature in the area and a bird-watching tower along the trail. The Tiaislaavu lean-to shelter is a good place to stop for a campfire snack.
  • Karhunjuomalampi Trail (ca. 10 km) passes through a varied fell and forest nature and is suitable for slightly older students. The trail passes through magnificent Isokuru ravine and sacred sites of the Sámi people, providing a fine hiking experience. The Isokuru Kota Hut and Karhunjuomalampi Day Trip Hut are perfect spots for a break.

The park also has several other trails that are ideal for day trips.

  • You can hike in all weathers as long as you have the appropriate hiking clothes.
  • Always hike without littering.
  • Make sure to stay safe at all times!


  • Café Loimu in Visitor Centre Naava serves lunch daily. Groups should notify the café of their arrival and any special diets well in advance. On request, visitors can have a packed meal with them on their trips also.
  • There are resting spots along the trails in the national park where visitors can eat their own packed meals.
  • Cooperating partners of the national park offer dining options both in the wilderness and indoors.

Facilities and Equipment

Conference premises and auditorium of Visitor Centre Naava can be reserved by groups. Rental premises and equipment are also offered by cooperating partners of the national park.