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The magnificent Hytermä islands to the east of the Kerimäki village centre is a nature reserve. The jewel in the crown of the beautiful esker landscape and fine lake views is the outdoor museum, completed with old buildings, based on the collections of Heikki Häyrynen. Heikki - a rural police chief, chief accountant of the military – was also known as Romu-Heikki (Scrap-Heikki) for his tendency to collect items considered by others as scrap.  The most eccentric sight on Hytermä is the memorial built of rocks and millstones, completed in 1937. It is more than seven metres tall, and called "Labour Memorial – to commemorate the labour of past and future generations."

Location fi Hytermä in FinlandDirections: Hytermä is located in the city of Savonlinna at Kerimäki, on an island in Lake Puruvesi. It is only accessible by boat.

Visit: The area is accessible all year round independently for visitors, but the buildings are locked.

Sights and activities: The farmyard of Romu-Heikki's domain, with the "Labour Memorial". Unmarked trails lead to the graveyard and to magnificent esker forest and lake landscapes. Read more.

Services: There are no services in the area. The nearest services are located in the village of Kerimäki.

Suitability: A day-trip destination suitable for the whole family. Ideal for those interested in folklore. Unsuitable for disabled visitors.

This is the web page www.nationalparks.fi/hyterma

The area is managed by Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland.

This is the web page nationalparks.fi/hyterma

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