Dagmar Park

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The Czarina of Russia, Dagmar, enjoyed the Källviken spring and surrounding marine environment of Tammisaari at the end of the 19th century. Visitors can get a marvellous view of the seascape from the rock formations around the spring, where there is a memorial stone commemorating Czar Alexander III and his fiancée Princess Dagmar of Denmark and, naturally, the soothing sound of a burbling spring. Spend a day on the beach sunbathing or gaze out at the sea from the rocky shoreline. Go for a brisk hike through the aromatic pine forest on easy trails together with your family or arrive by boat for a romantic outing, much like the Czar and Czarina did.

The Czarina's Visit to a Bubbling Spring

Location: Southern Finland, Uusimaa, Raseborg

Arrival: By boat, car and public transportation. Read more on how to get to Dagmar Park.

Activities: Backpacking, berry picking, mushroom picking, boating. 

Sights: Dagmar's spring, stone commemorating the visit by Czar Alexander III and his fiancée Princess Dagmar of Denmark, beautiful seascapes

Suitability: Day trip destination for the whole family - boaters also welcome

Services: Information board, dry toilet, mixed waste collection point and pier. Read more about services at Dagmar Park.

Trails: Trail leading from the parking area to Dagmar's spring and the "Czar's table".  The trails are a few kilometres in total length. Visitors in wheelchairs can reach a part of Dagmar Park with assistance.

The address of this page is nationalparks.fi/dagmarpark

The site is managed by Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland, Southern Finland.

Dagmar Park

  • Established 2016
  • Area 40 hectares
  • Fiskars Corporation has transferred Dagmarsparken to Metsähallitus in 2017 for one hundred years onwards.
  • More information about history and nature (fiskarsgroup.com).

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