The speed and excitement of white water rafting makes it the most popular activity in Ruunaa. You can choose a more peaceful ride in a wooden boat steered by a cox, or a faster one paddling in an inflatable dinghy. The boat route from Matkalahti to Naarajoki bridge is about 30 km. The trip takes about 4 hours including a lunch outdoors. The inflatable dinghy route (7 km) starts at Neitikoski Rapids and ends at Siikakoski Rapids. It is also possible to shoot the rapids in a canoe or on a raft made in the loggers' style.

A white water trip is a very exciting experience. Getting closer to the rapids, where the stream increases speed, you can hear the thunder of water and feel the force of the rapids. Especially the steep drop at the rapids of Neitikoski is impressive, creating a turbid backwash below the drop.

When going white water rafting, you need to be prepared to get wet. All the necessary equipment is included in the organised trips. The lake sections of the trip are more peaceful and the lunch outdoors tastes delicious. After a white-water adventure, you will feel delight and at the same time respect for the forces of nature. Rafting in a wooden boat is suitable for customers of all ages, including visitors with mobility impairments. More information on the local enterprises organising boat trips can be got from Ruunaa Hiking Centre (, or from Visit Karelia Tourist Service (