Services in Kuhmo Visitor Centre Petola

The well at Palolampi is out of use. The handle of the pump at the well is broken and it will be repaired as soon as possible.
  • For sale: large carnivore -themed handicrafts, maps on the nearby areas, books, posters and other products as well as logo products for Hiidenportti National Park, the Oulujärvi Hiking Area and the Friendship Park.
  • For sale: Metsähallitus' hunting and fishing permits as well as licences for the snowmobile routes maintained by Metsähallitus.
  • Meeting facilities all year round.
    • Auditorium (60 seats): 30€/h, 150€/day, including a video projector and Internet connection. Outside of normal opening hours, fees will be doubled.
    • Small meetings (10-15 people) also in the Info Section of the Visitor Centre and in the nature studies classroom.
  • For hire: snowshoes as well as equipment for nature education.
  • Café services for groups when booked in advance.
  • WLAN available for the customers. 
  • At Petola you will get the best tips for outdoor destinations in Kuhmo and Kainuu region.
  • At Petola, you can find out about the Lentua Rental Lapp Hut, Palolampi Rental Hut at the Hiidenportti National Park (for day use only), Kajaani Castle Ruins and many other destinations.
  • Information can also be obtained on the nature conservation areas located on the Russian side of the border, such as the Kostomuksha Strict Nature Reserve and the Kalevalsky National Park (, Paanajärvi National Park ( and the Kivach Nature Reserve.

Services for the Disabled

  • The visitor centre is accessible by wheelchair. There is a toilet for the disabled in the building.
  • There is wheelchair access from the visitor centre to the Petola Nature Trail (0.5 km).