Sights and Sceneries

In the Rahja archipelago, you can explore old fishing villages and an ancient relic, i.e. a stone labyrinth, on Hevoskari Island.

Canoeing and Rowing

The Rahja archipelago is a coastal sea area. The islands are located close to each other, so the easiest way to explore the area is by rowboat or canoe.

A person standing on a SUP-board, the person has a hand net by his feet and is fishing with a spinning rod. A lush forest can be seen in the background.

Sailing and Motor Boating

The best way to motorboat in the area is along the boat routes. Outside the boat routes, please be especially cautious as the water area is very shallow and rocky. The best areas for sailing boats are the larger stretches of open water, close to the open sea.

There is a marked boat route in the Rahja archipelago. Its depth is 0.8–1 metre.

Other Activites

  • Cross-country skiing: In winter, it is pleasant to go skiing on the ice of the sea and on the islands. Consequently, the archipelago is a popular skiing destination amongst local people. Annually in late winter, a skiing event is organised in the archipelago, for which a skiing trail is made. There are no maintained skiing trails in the area.
  • Birdwatching: In spring and autumn, an immense number of birds move in the shallow sea area. The Konikarvo Fishing Harbour boasts a birdwatching tower and an information shelter.
  • Fishing: Angling and ice fishing are allowed in all water areas under everyman’s rights. For lure fishing, you must pay a fisheries management fee ( The Rahja fishing area belongs to the joint permit area of Kalasta Kalajoella ( Fishermen must check the fishing restrictions on (in Finnish).
  • Berry and mushroom picking: You are allowed to pick berries and mushrooms. Many people pick sea buckthorn berries in the area, but bilberry and lingonberry also thrive on the islands. If you are lucky, you may spot the delicious arctic bramble on some of the islands.
  • Hunting: The Rahja archipelago belongs to the Rahja small game hunting area 5633 (
  • Swimming: You can go swimming on most shores, but they are quite stony. You'll swim in the waters of the Rahja Archipelago at your own risk.