Services in Pyhä-Luosto Visitor Centre Naava

  • Information on the nature and hiking opportunities in Pyhä-Luosto National Park and the Pyhä-Luosto area.
  • Reservations and keys to rental huts in Pyhä-Luosto National Park.
  • For sale: maps of the nearby areas, books, hiking equipment, souvenirs, local handicrafts, hunting and fishing permits issued by Metsähallitus, and fishing permits to private water areas in the nearby areas.
  • Tourist information about the municipalities of Kemijärvi ( and Pelkosenniemi (, in Finnish). Contact Information: Tel. +358 40 767 1144 and email visit(at) 
  • Conference facilities: range from the 12-seat Luppo facility to the 160-seat Naavatorium.
  • WLAN is available to customers.

A child opening a box that is a part of a diorama where a fox is chasing after a hare in the snow.


The small shop at Pyhä-Luosto Visitor Centre Naava offers an alternative for finding souvenirs and gifts. The shop's selection includes national park logo products such as T-shirts and pins. The wide book selection includes hiking and nature guides for the area, books on Lapland, children's literature, and art books. Naava's shop also sells high-quality hiking products and local handmade jewellery.

Products for sale such as nature books, hiking gear, national park canvas patches, plush toys and craft products.

Café Loimu

Café Loimu operates in the same building as the visitor and culture centre. The café-restaurant is a pleasant setting for coffee and cake, and also serves lunch daily. Café Loimu also provides conference catering services on order.

  • Open during Pyhä-Luosto Visitor Centre Naava's opening hours.
  • Café Loimu, Luontotie 1, FI-98530 Pyhätunturi, tel. +358 40 196 4750 and email ravintola(at) Café Loimu (

Rental of Premises

Premises can be rented for various purposes. All premises have modern conference technology and free WLAN connection. Rental of premises.

Auditorium with seats in rows and movable chairs at ground level.

Accessible services

  • Accessible parking is by the main entrance.
  • The visitor centre is accessible by wheelchair.
  • There is an accessible toilet for in the lobby of the visitor centre.
  • The exhibition can be toured by wheelchair. The exhibition is multi-sensory.
  • The auditorium is able to accommodate several wheelchairs at a time.
  • The restaurant is accessible by wheelchair.