Teijo National Park is located in the municipality of Salo, south of the Turunväylä road (Finnish National Road 1). Teijo is 20 km from Salo, 80 km from Turku, 140 km from Helsinki and 200 km from Tampere. Lake Matildanjärvi is 6 km from the village of Teijo.

To the Hiking Trails

Hiking trails start at the Kirjakkala, Matildanjärvi, Punassuo and Laviakallio parking areas, among others. Starting points for the hiking trails.

By Train to Salo

The closest train station (vr.fi) to Teijo National Park is in Salo (distance 20 km).

The distance between Salo railway station and Teijo National Park is approximately 20 kilometres. From the centre of Salo, you can get to the national park’s parking area on the bus number 3 (salonpaikku.fi, in Finnish).

Teijo National Park is part of the coastal cycling route (rannikkoreitti.fi). The distance from Salo railway station to the national park is around 20 kilometres by bike. There are mountain bike routes in the national park: the Tapanin kierros trail (6 km) and the Jeturkastin kierros trail (5 km). 

By Bus to Teijo

There is a local bus service no. 3 (salonpaikku.fi, in Finnish) Monday through Friday from Salo to Mathildedal. There is a two kilometre walk to the national park from the village. In summer, during school holidays, there is a bus service (salonpaikku.fi, in Finnish) to the national park’s Matildanjärvi parking area.  

There is a bus service (matkahuolto.fi) to Salo and Perniö.

Vainion Liikenne operates bus services (vainionliikenne.fi) on the following routes: Salo-Perniö-Taalintehdas and Kemiö-Ylönkylä-Perniö. These services have a stop on Kemiöntie at the Teijo intersection. There is a roughly 6 km distance to the Visitor Centre from this bus stop.

The Vainion liikenne summer bus (vainionliikenne.fi, in Finnish) operates between 6 June and 10 August 2023 on routes Helsinki-Salo-Teijo-Mathildedal-Teijo-Salo-Helsinki on Saturdays and Sundays.

By Car to Teijo

Jeturkasti parking area, Skoilantie 354, Salo. No winter maintenance.

Kariholma parking area, Matildanjärventie 20, Salo. Winter maintenance.

Kirjakkala parking area, Hamarinjärventie 88, Salo. No winter maintenance.

Laviakallio parking area, Sauruntie 910, Salo. No winter maintenance.

Matildanjärvi parking area, Matildanjärventie 86, Salo. Winter maintenance.

Miilunummi parking area, Talonpojan Teijon tie 265, Salo. No winter maintenance.

Mikkossuo parking area, Teijontie 552, Salo. No winter maintenance.

Nenustannummi parking area, Sauruntie 647, Salo. No winter maintenance.

Piikanummi parking area, Lankkerintie 288, Salo. No winter maintenance.

Punassuo parking area, Leppäkorventie 585, Salo. No winter maintenance.

Sahajärvi parking area, Teijontie 12, Salo. No winter maintenance.

Please note that the parking areas are generally accessible during winter due to minor snowfall, even if they are not all ploughed.