Activities in Iso-Syöte Hiking Area

A man is cycling in sunny weather amidst green conifers.

Enjoy the beauty of outdoor recreation in the handsome scenery of Finland's southernmost fell. Those loving high-speed thrills challenge themselves by cycling along mountain bike routes that are amongst the best in Finland.

Cross-Country Skiing

Syöte is one of the most versatile cross-country skiing centres in Finland. The ski trails in the hiking area are part of the network of maintained ski trails (120 km) in the Syöte Tourism Region. In late winter, the ski trails run between the incredibly beautiful snow-crowned forests and across the completely silent mires. In Syöte, the altitude differences ensure that the ski trails are both challenging and fast.

Along the Huipunlatu (top of the fell round) Ski Trail, you can also ski when the weather is freezing cold as the temperature is often higher on the felltop than in the valley.  The Riihitupa day-use hut, which is located along the Iso-Syöte - Pytkynharju Ski Trail, is the finest rest spot in the hiking area. You can ensure you have a successful skiing trip by checking for updates on the condition of the ski trails on the website ( provided by the Syötteen latupooli association.


The Iso-Syöte Hiking Area is an ideal place to kick start a hiking hobby. The marked and carefully signposted trails, the good connections to the resort's services as well as the proximity of the highways make the area safe for families with children. The easy-to-walk trails and the hills attract joggers and trail runners. The many lean-to shelters and the Riihitupa day-use hut and their campfire sites serve hikers.

You can go hiking along the Huipunpolku Trail (Fell Top Trail) (1 km) or visit the peace and quiet of Romevaara Hill. Close to the hiking area is Pytkynharju Esker, famous for its views, onto which the Pytkyn Pyrähdys Day Trail (Pytky Spurt Trail) (9.7 km) takes you. From the hiking area's trails, there are also connections to the longer wilderness trekking routes running through Syöte National Park. The Syöte Visitor Centre provides you with the best hiking tips. 

Mountain Biking

You can go mountain biking or bicycle touring in the hiking area Mountain bikers are adviced to set out on the Syötteen kierros mountain bike route (19 km), which runs through heath and esker landscapes and circles Iso-Syöte Fell. The route is suitable for those with some experience in mountain biking. The section from Iso-Syöte Fell to Pytkynharju Esker and the Pytkynharju area are particularly suitable for beginners.

The Syötteen kierros bicycle touring route (25 km) runs along a motor road in the hiking area. The Pytkynharju lean-to shelters on the shore of the Lauttalampi and Kellarilampi Ponds are good spots for stopping for a snack, and swimming enthusiasts can take a dip in the ponds' clear waters. Please also take into account the slower wanderers along the routes and give way when necessary. From the hiking area's bicycle routes, there are also connections to the other routes. Information can be found on the Trails page of Syöte National Park's website. The cooperation partners operating in the Syöte area hire out bicycles.

Other Activities

  • Berry and mushroom picking: excellent terrain for picking bilberries, lingonberries, cloudberries and cranberries as well as mushrooms. Syöte Visitor Centre provides you with tips on the berry and mushroom crops.
  • Exploring the Syöte Visitor Centre: Syöte Visitor Centre is located at the foot of Iso-Syöte Fell on the border of the national park. The hiking area's customer service point is located at the visitor centre. The visitor centre is a fascinating destination for all those interested in the natural features of the Syöte area and its cultural heritage.
  • Participating in guided group tours: when booked in advance, Syöte Visitor Centre can arrange guided trips around Syöte National Park and to the hiking area. The cooperating partners in the area also arrange guided trips.
  • Seeing the sights and the views: from Iso-Syöte Fell, a wooded hill landscape opens out across the entire hiking area and to the north, all the way to Syöte National Park. On the summit, along the Huipunpolku Trail (Fell Top Trail), you will find a lookout platform and, a bit further down, a lookout point.  
  • Snowshoeing: the slopes of Iso-Syöte Fell and Romevaara Hill offer a wintry landscape and challenging terrain. Take a break at the visitor centre or at the Riihitupa day-use hut on the southern side of Romevaara Hill.
  • Walking on the nature trail: the hiking area and its vicinity boast three nature trails that acquaint you with the specialities of the natural features of the Koillismaa region.