The Pyhä-Luosto National Park is located in Eastern Lapland. The distance from Rovaniemi to Luosto is about 115 km and from Kemijärvi to Pyhätunturi (road no. 962) 47 km. From Torvinen in northern Sodankylä, (Road No 962), the distance is approximately 40 km. The nearest airport is in Rovaniemi and the nearest railway station in Kemijärvi.
The distance between the villages of the National Park, Pyhä and Luosto, is 25 km.

To the Hiking Trails

The hiking trails in Pyhätunturi area start at the Visitor Centre Naava and the trails in Luosto at Luostoportti. You should ask the Naava Visitor Centre for more detailed information about the trails and how to get to them.

The Pyhä-Luosto trails can also be reached from the Rykimäkero and Luostonloma parking areas, and in the summer from the forest road leading to Huttujärvi.

By Train to Kemijärvi or Rovaniemi

You can take the night train ( from Helsinki to Kemijärvi all year round. From Kemijärvi train station it is 47 kilometers to Pyhä-Luosto National Park by bus or car. There is a direct bus connection from the night train to Pyhä. You can also take a train to Rovaniemi, from where there are direct bus connections to Pyhä and Luosto.

By Bus to Pyhä-Luosto

There is a bus connection ( from the train station and the airport to Pyhä-Luosto. Search for public transport routes and timetables (

By Car to Pyhä-Luosto

The parking area at Naava Visitor Centre, Luontotie 1, 98530 Pyhätunturi (Pelkosenniemi). You can park your car in the visitor centre’s parking area or in the public car park next to the visitor centre. Space for approximately 100 cars. Winter maintenance.

Luostonportti parking area is located in the vicinity of the Luosto Ski Resort. Space for approximately 200 cars. Winter maintenance

Luostonloma parking area is located along Pyhä-Luosto Road (no. 962), about 4 km from Luosto Visitor Center in the direction of Torvinen. Space for approximately 20 cars.

Rykimäkero parking area is located between Pyhä and Luosto (road no. 962), approximately 5.5 km from Luosto and approximately 19 km from Pyhä. Space for approximately 20 cars.

Huttujärventie parking area is only available during the summer. It is located along a forest road leading to Lake Huttujärvi, right at the edge of the national park. There is a turning from Tunturitie (no. 962), about 8 km from Pyhä towards Luosto. The road to the parking area is approximately 2 km, narrow and at times in poor condition. Space for approximately 10 cars. No winter maintenance.