Kultisalmi, the Lapp-Peasant Farmer Boundary

At Kultisalmi, which was in the past the boundary between lands settled by the Sámi and peasant farmers, visitors can see traces of the fishing culture that was there during the Sámi Era. At Kultisalmi Sound there are the remnants of a fishing dam, along which a fishing net was pulled across the sound. There is also a cemetery near Kultisalmi.

Paasonvaara Scenic Trail

A scenic trail turns off of Paasonjärvi Hiking Trail in the Soppana area. It leads from the top of Paasonvaara Hill to Lake Paasonjärvi. There are magnificent views from Paasonvaara Hill over the surrounding areas. The trail leads over impressive open cliffs and travellers can admire the steep shores of Lake Paasonjärvi.

A pine forest on top of a hill, a lake can be seen from between the trees. The weather is sunny.