Directions to Leivonmäki National Park

Koskikaran kierros -nature trail and Rutalahti connecting trail are closed due to the ice that has covered the bridge on Rutajoki river.

Leivonmäki National Park is located west of main road 4 in the municipality of Joutsa. It is 50 km from Jyväskylä to Leivonmäki and 135 km from Lahti.

To the Hiking Trails

Hiking trails can be accessed from the Kirveslampi, Selänpohja or Koskikara parking areas. You can also start hiking in Harjunlahti beach (Municipality of Joutsa). Starting points for the hiking trails.

To Leivonmäki by Car

Kirveslampi parking area, Vartiamäentie 1073, Joutsa. Space for approximately 15 cars.

Selänpohja parking area, Kansallispuistontie 20, Joutsa. Space for approximately 50 cars. 

Koskikara parking area, Rautsillantie 2, Joutsa. Space for approximately 12 cars. Parking of busses at Letkaliiteri yard, Koskelantie 56, Joutsa (Rutalahden nuorisoseura, in Finnish).

Harjunlahti beach, Harjunlahdentie, Joutsa (Municipality of Joutsa). The parking area is maintained by the Municipality of Joutsa. Space for approximately 10 cars.

All four parking areas are also open in winter, but there may be delays in ploughing and there is less room for parking.

To Leivonmäki by Bus

There is no public transportation to the area. Mainly on weekdays, there are some buses ( serving the Jyväskylä-Joutsa and Jyväskylä-Lahti-Helsinki routes. These buses stop along Highway 4. On Highway 4, the bus stops closest to the park are at the Rutalahti (Joutsa) crossroads and Leivonmäki (Joutsa) crossroads.

  • In the north, the closest bus stop, Rutalahti crossroads, is 13 km from the Selänpohja parking area. The distance from the bus stop to the mountain bike trail is 5 km. 
  • In the south, the closest bus stop, Leivonmäki crossroads, is 8.5 km from the Kirveslampi parking area.

To Leivonmäki by Taxi

The nearest taxi services can be found in Leivonmäki which is located in Joutsa.

Some partners also offer transport services to the national park.

To Jyväskylä by Train

The closest railway station to the Leivonmäki National Park is in Jyväskylä (50 km).