Hiking Trails

Marked Trail

There are twomarked nature trails (1,4 km and 3 km) on Iso-Enskeri Island (61° 40,58'N, 21° 22,5' E) in Pori. The trails start by the jetty and campfire site, meander through the island's forest and come back to the starting point via a fine boulder field. The trails are relatively easy to walk. 

The City of Pori maintains nature trails in Preiviikinlahti Bay  that are partly located in the Bothnian Sea National Park area. Along the trails you can find several lookout towers and platforms, including the Leveäkari and Huhtala towers and the Langoura platform which are located in the National Park. The newest and easy to walk leg of the trails starts from the Langoura platform (61° 32.2647'N, 21° 34.0582'E), travels through Yyterin lietteet and ends up at the sandy dunes of Yyteri (visityyteri.fi).

On island Säppi in Luvia there is 1,5 km long Alfred´s trail. Information boards along the trail tell about the cultural history of the island.

In Rauma, on island Kuuskajaskari about 3 km long trail goes around the fortified island. Information boards along the trail tell about the past use of the island and about geology.