The complex relationships between carnivores and man are featured in the info section. Comprehensive information is presented on the following topics on the info section's lower floor:

  • Responsibility for Finland's large carnivores - Authorities and other organisations
  • Finnish legislation - Statutes and regulations
  • International agreements - Finland's obligations
  • Hunting of large carnivores - How is hunting justified?
  • Will Finland's large carnivores vanish? - The threatened status of large carnivores
  • Reintroductions - Should large carnivores to be reintroduced to new areas?  
  • Levels of damage - How much damage do large carnivores cause?
  • Compensation - Who pays?
  • Preventing damage - What can be done?
  • The importance of large carnivores - Who benefits from the presence of large carnivores?

The following themes are presented more thoroughly:

  • A year of the wolf and wolf research
  • Comparing the movements of elk and wolf  
  • Bears' movements
  • Bears' winter sleep
  • Wolverines' feeding and territorial behaviour
  • Big cats of the northern forests 
  • Golden eagle
  • Large carnivores in Russian Karelia
  • The up and downs of large carnivore populations in Finland and neighbouring countries
  • Population estimates for large carnivores
  • Where wild forest reindeer roam
  • If you meet a bear
  • Wild forest reindeet on the decline in the 2000s
  • Man and large carnivores
  • How predators kill they prey
  • The language of the wild

On the second floor of the info section the walls are decorated with typical examples of how large carnivores are covered by the media. Displays also feature examples of how large carnivores are present in our lives today. Do you have any idea who or what is the fifth large carnivore?

From the top floor of the info section, visitors can view the surroundings of the visitor centre as an eagle would see them.