Directions to Sanginjoki

Extensive renovation and construction work is underway in the Sanginjoki Nature Reserve. The parking areas and rest areas in the area are out of use. There is a lot of heavy machinery in the area. The work will be completed in autumn 2024.

Sanginjoki hiking area is located 20 km east from Oulu. Closest airport is located at Oulunsalo, 27 km away from Sanginjoki nature reserve. Closest railway station is at Oulu, 17 km away from the Sanginjoki nature reserve. 

To the Hiking Trails

Read more about the hiking trails.

By car to Sanginjoki

Loppula parking area, Korpiseläntie 2, 90650 Oulu. When arriving from Oulu turn left from Sanginjoentie road right after Loppula house. Space for 35 cars.

Sanginjoki riverside parking area. Located by the Sanginjoentie road. Space for 10 cars. 

Korpilammen kierros trail parking area. Turn from Sanginjoentie road to Korpiseläntie. Turn left from the first crossing, and soon after that turn right. Space for 10 cars. 

Isokankaan kierros trail parking area. Located close to Isokangas lean-to shelter. When arriving from Oulu drive Sanginjoentie road and 2 km after Loppula house turn left. 

Pieni Polvikangas parking are. From Sanginjoentie road turn to Kuparisenpolku. Space for 5 cars. From the parking lot it's a 1 km walk to Kalimeenkierros trail. 

By bus to Sanginjoki

There is no direct public transportation connection to Sanginjoki at the moment. is a free map service provided by Metsähallitus. It can be used to search destinations, choose map layers and print maps.