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Finnish Nature Day at Kurjenrahka

Come and spend a nice day on Finnish Nature Day at Kurjenrahka and Koivuniemi on 26.8.2023 at. 10-18! There are various activity points for the whole family as well as presentation points for municipalities, clubs and entrepreneurs. More info about the day's programme here: Suomen luonnon päivä Kurjenrahkalla ja (Nousiainen.fi) (site in Finnish).

For transport to Kurjenrahka, click here (site in Finnish).


Well water in Lakjärvi is not drinkable

(Updated on 9th of October 2019)
Well water should be avoided near Kurjenrahka National Park, in Kuhankuono hiking trail network. Fecal E.coli bacteria was found in samples taken from the well water in Lakjärvi. Therefore, the water can only be used when boiled. Coliformic bacteria was also found from e.g. Soikeroinen hut's well and Kangasmiekka-route's wells in Käärmeenlähde and hunting hut. Safe drinking water can be found from Rantapiha's sauna and Kurjenpesä Nature Information Hut.

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